The next generation of wildlife lovers

Dear Friends and Supporters, our Education Outreach team has just successfully finished the Kids Project with positive feedback from teachers, parents and students.

For the last two months, we carried 49 trips with 1,200 local kindergarten kids, brought them to Cuc Phuong, told them stories about animals, gave them tours in our Education Center and - most important - helped them understand more about wildlife conservation, environment protections and social responsibility as a kid.

So what's next?

We are planning for a workshop for local teachers, educators and parents to summarize our achievements as well as challenges with the kids. Hopefully, the workshop will help the adults gain a deeper insight into their children's development.

Furthermore, we are also raising fund to bring the program to more kids not only in the neightborhood but also in Vietnam.

Please donate, share or forward our the information to anyone who may be interested about conservation education. Let's bring some positive changes to the party!

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Rescuing and releasing: a never-end story

One beautiful Mongoose

It's all the same, but it's also different. This time, it's about an injured mongoose we rescued from hunter's trap. After two month under our care, he was fully healed and released back.

It was a quick, fun and also emotional release.

Ninety seven pangolins were safe!

We released the last ones from 113 rescue. In case you may wonder, nothing can compare to the feeling of release a pangolin. Watching them climb out of the box, sniff around, slowly dissolve into the forest... is just pure magic.

The below video may give you a glimpse of what happened.

32 pangolin rescued

Thirty one from Thanh Hoa, one from Nghe An. Our captive team had to response quickly, hit the road and ran back to the center within 24 hours to save the life of these pangolins.

Some of them could not make it. However, the surviving rate of rescued pangolins improved significantly comparing to last year, we recused more and we lost less. Thanks to the supports from all over the world, we are able to upgrade our facility, medicine... to deal with these fast pace rescuing and releasing.

New quarantine for new friends

We were also building more 24 quarantines in our center to cope with the sudden big release like the one in March. With these new rooms, the pangolins coming to us will not have to end up sharing space with too many other fellows which help reduce the stress and death rate.

As always, it's really costly to save a life. The more animals we rescue, the more help we need.

Please consider support if you can.

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Research and Avocacy

Result from Pu Mat and Na Hang

Last month, the teams traveled to Pu Mat National Park and Na Hang Protected Area to keep searching for pangolin traces.

In Pu Mat, we found no wild pangolin scats, only potential burrows, poacher camps and wire snares. In Na Hang, again no scat was found, even though we had previously identified burrows and pangolin sign in the study area. However, they did uncover evidence of logging, snares and several poacher camps.

The results were not as good as we expected. However, we gained new experience from the field, established connections with local rangers and also found some open doors for the next research projects. It is also important to recover the pangolin population in the wild through our reintroduction programs.

Update on National Action Plan

Creation of a 5-year National Pangolin Conservation Action Plan (PCAP), to be followed by all relevant pangolin stakeholders throughout Vietnam both currently working with pangolin and those planning on focussing on the species in the future. This PCAP will represent the first time a coordinated approach to the conservation of the species is adopted within Vietnam. 

On 22nd May, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development was signed officially to establish of pangolin working group to create the national action plan for pangolins. It is first step before we start survey our stakeholders as well as bring everyone together for the national workshop. The PCAP will provide framework which focuses attention on the pangolin, and lists a set of priorities and time-limited targets for conserving the species in Vietnam.

Volunteers: things keep getting better!

Welcome back, the Herridge

Sarah Herridge was featured in our newsletter several times before as she came back and forth between UK and Vietnam to give us a hand.

This is also the second time that Sarah brought her husband, Adrian to join us. He has been working with our research team to help building a new tracking devices for the released pangolins. We really can not wait to show off the result of their work!

Goodbye, Ashleigh

Ashleigh Jugan traveled all the way from US to volunteer at our center for the last two month. Together with other volunteers from UK and Netherlands... she had a good time helping our keepers, our vets with their daily jobs: taking care of the animals, cleaning the quarantine, preparing enrichment.

See you again, volunteer team :)

Thank you!

Thanks and thanks and thanks. Without your kind supports, we could not achieve as much as we did.

Much love from Vietnam!


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