It's a Sexy-&-Sassy, Fun-&-Fabulous SPRING FLING with Heidi Betts!

April 16, 2019

Happy April, everyone!  What a busy month this is...

We’ve got Spring popping up all around us🐣...followed by April Fool’s Day😮... Income Tax Day Day (oh, joy 😝) ... Easter🐰... Earth Day🌍... April Showers Bringing May Flowers🌧💐… and a few more I’m sure I’ve missed.

Of course, you already know my favorite of all the holidays and events in April is EARTH DAY! You’re looking at a bonafide tree-hugging, eco-friendly Enviro Girl here! 🙆‍♀️♻️🌲🌍💚

Besides, the Easter Bunny stopped visiting my house a long time ago...😜🍷 

Hints from Heidi

Personally, I’m a fan of most weeds; they’re just flowers without blossoms in my book, and I figure God probably put them there for a reason.🌱🌾💚

There are a few, prickly ones out there that rub me the wrong way, though—specifically the ones with the nasty thistles.🌵😖

But killing weeds doesn’t mean you have to kill the environment or make yourself sick! (Y’know all those lawsuits against RoundUp? Yeah…that’s just the tip of the iceburg, because all pesticides contain chemicals that cause cancer and other illnesses. And, newsflash—everything you put in the ground ends up in our water supply. Just sayin.’😙)

So play it smart: kill weeds with this super-simple and 100% natural, eco-friendly recipe!👇🏽♻️✂️💚 

Heidi Recommends

Let's talk TP... Specifically, stop wiping with trees! 😮🌳

That's right—the majority of paper products (toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels) are made from "virgin" trees...and that most often means rainforest trees, which is bad, bad, BAD.😱👿

Now my personal favorite toilet paper made from 100% recycled materials (which doesn't mean they're recycling used t.p., for heaven's sake!😖💩; it only means they're recycling previous paper products to create a new paper product!♻️🎉) is White Cloud GREEN EARTH. This stuff is great, but it's not always easy to find.😔

So my second favorite Earth-Friendly TP—and facial tissues and paper towels—comes from Who Gives a Crap.

Is that a fabulous name or what? Ha!💩👍 But the best thing about is that they are:

Check out the Who Gives a Crap website, because truly, they're amazing! 💚 

Not only do they offer 100% recycled paper products... and build toilets in other countries with half the proceeds from their sales... and offer Free Shipping on orders over $25... and deliver straight to your door... but their wrappers and rolls are just plain fun! 😀

Seriously—make a really smart, Earth-friendly change and check them out! 🤓

Hunk of the Month

Well, hello, Mr. Costner! Fighting to clean up oil spills and end air/water pollution...

Who says eco-friendly can't be sexy? 😘🌿♻️💚

Earth-Friendly Reads

Little-known fact: all of my books are Earth-Friendly! 😀🌎

(Well, they are if you buy them in digital form for your e-reader. 😉)

Just for Fun

Enter to Win!

This month, I'm giving away an Enviro Girl Starter Pack...or at least some fun, eco-friendly stuff you can brag about to your tree-hugging friends.💚

mechanical pencil you can refill and use forever✍️ ... a "Love Your Earth" notepad (recycled and recyclable!♻️) ... a roll of aforementioned Who Gives a Crap toilet tissue to get you started😉💩... a 100% cotton hand-knit dish/washcloth🛁 ... all in a cute little World Wildlife Federation reusable  Polar Bear tote!👜

To enter, simply fill out the Giveaway Form on my website. Include “EARTH DAY EVERY DAY GIVEAWAY” in the subject line.

(Deadline: midnight EST April 26, 2019)

Last but not least...

I’ve teamed up BookSweeps and 25 other fabulous authors to give away a huge collection of "Cowboy & Western Romances" ~ including a digital copy of my sexy, funny jilted bride-meets-grumpy cowboy RomCom, One Wedding, Two Brides 🤠👰🤵💖 ~ to two (2) lucky winners!  And a brand new eReader will go to one Grand Prize winner! 😃

BONUS:  You'll receive a collection of FREE e-reads just for entering! 🤩

Enter the giveaway here 👉Spring Giveaway Bonanza: "Cowboy & Western Romance" 💞📚

(Deadline: midnight EST April 24, 2019)

Stay Green, my friends!

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