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Newsletter: November 2020

But what I like doing best is Nothing," said Christopher Robin.

'How do you do Nothing?' asked Pooh, after he has wondered for a long time.

'Well, it's when people call out at you just as you're going off to do it, What are you going to do, Christopher Robin, and you say, Oh, nothing, and then you go and do it.'"

Winnie The Pooh by AA Milne

 'The World of Pooh'.

It seems like this year that we've all had to spend a lot of time doing nothing! Now that we're all officially in a second period of lockdown, it's clear that we need our books and escapism more than ever.  

Reading books has been proven to have many health benefits; from reducing stress and helping to combat memory loss, to boosting mental health. Books provide us with companionship, adventure, empathy and enjoyment.

But as well as providing an escape from daily life for few hours, books can also provide us with the tools to improve our mind and mental health. So to help get through November in a healthy, happy state of mind, whether that's by learning a new skill like meditation, or just by sending a smile someone's way to improve their day, why not try some of the suggested books below: 

  1. The Little Book of Kindness by Benadette Russell (12349)
  2. Alone Time: Four Cities, Four Seasons and the Pleasures of Solitude by Stephanie Rosenbloom (13531)
  3. Meditation is Easy by Greer Allica (5623)
  4. Happiness - a Practical Guide by Will Buckingham (9958)
  5. Mindfullness for Worriers by Padraig O'Morain (11180)
  6. The Poetry Pharmacy: Tried and True Prescriptions for the Heart and Soul by William Sieghart (12720)

The Production journey 

As we did a few month's ago with an insight into how our Editorial Department works, we thought this time we'd take you on a journey through our Production Department. 

Calibre’s Production Department is where the magic happens. Here a book will make its last journey before it’s added to the Calibre Library. They work very closely with Editorial, who supply hundreds of books for them to process each year. These come in the form of Commercial and Calibre books.

Commercial books are audiobooks bought directly from publishers, and since they’re already recorded, they are streamlined through to Production, where they sort them into 10-minute tracks, and then convert them into MP3 format.

Calibre books, however, are recorded by our large team of volunteer narrators, who record audiobooks at home for us. Once they’ve finished a recording, it will be sent back to Calibre for preliminary checks, before going out to our volunteer checkers who listen and offer feedback. Once any final alterations have been made, the book will enter Production where it will be mastered (balancing volume levels and other audio tweaks), then sorted into 10-minute tracks and converted into the MP3 format.

We also have an in-house studio. While it’s not used to record audiobooks, it is used to record interviews, newsletters, announcements, sponsorships and many other audio snippets.

New Books

As always, we have been busy adding new books to our growing collection of over 12,000 audiobooks. Here are a few from the last month…

The Mitford Murders

by Jessica Fellowes

Catalogue no. 14326

Paris Echo

by Sebastian Faulks

Catalogue no. 14255

The Light in the Dark - A Winter Journal

by Horatio Clare

Catalogue no. 14262

For a full list of all the new books we added to our audiobook collection this month, click the link below:

New Books
For the love of books
The Big Give Christmas Challenge
December 01, 2020  - December 08, 2020
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– your donation will make double the impact!

As we approach Christmas and the end of the year, we’d like to say a huge thank you to all our kind supporters who have donated so generously to keep our service going through what has been a difficult year for everyone.

This year, rather than run a Christmas appeal we are focussing on The Big Give Christmas Challenge.

The Challenge runs from 1st-8th December and is open to online donations through the Big Give website only. Thanks to Kings Access Technology and the Reed Foundation, the first £4,500 of donations made will be matched pound for pound.

We are aiming to raise £12,000 to produce 24 new titles for our young members and 24 new titles for our adult members to add to our collection for our members to enjoy for many years to come. 

More details can be found here on our website.

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