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Monthly Newsletter :: September 2018

Hi there,

How's your September been? If you're in South Africa, I hope you had a fantastic Heritage Day yesterday, and that you scooped up your free copy of Heritage of Deceit.

What have you been reading?

Sadly, I only got through two books in September: Crow by Everyn Kildare and Killer Space Clown by Eli Taff, Jr.

It's been such a whirlwind month for me this month, I was sharing with a friend last week that I don't think I did any writerly things whatsoever!

Financial Report: August 2018

Sadly, I have to report that I failed to sell a single book in August, and made a hefty loss. Here are my totals for the month (as always, all figures converted to South African Rands, using the exchange rate at the time of this writing):

  • Income: R0.09
  • Expenses: R69.13
  • Loss: R69.04

The nine cents income came from Google Adsense, from someone clicking an ad on my website.

So far, September looks a little better, but I'll have the final figures for you in next month's newsletter.

In the meantime, did you know that many online retailers offer affiliate income to people who link to my books? If the prospect of earning some extra cash intrigues you, get ahold of me by replying to this e-mail.

Featured Author: Michelle Sciacca

Michelle Sciacca lives in Cape Town with her husband and two children. After spending a childhood writing reams of poetry and fairy tales, Michelle studied Advertising and Marketing. She spent many years in the Advertising and Marketing industry and finally decided that the real world was far too boring and took a leap into the fantasy world she currently inhabits...well for as much of the time as she can get away with. Michelle enjoys writing for children as she loves the idea of creating vivid images with words and believes that there is no limit to a child's imagination, which makes writing for children such great fun.

Michelle currently has one book published, entitled Battle for the Bearer of Light. Click on the cover to find out where you can pick up a copy in print.

Here's more about the book:

On a farm in Africa, through a hidden portal in a baobab tree…

Enter the world of Skydalon – a place filled with adventure, wonder and magical creatures.

Join Grace, Liam, Lindi and her monkey, Bobo, on an epic journey to save Skydalon and its Bearer of Light when dark forces threaten.

Discover how these young, intrepid adventurers triumph over adversity, and learn how to believe in themselves through the power of friendship and courage.

Let the adventure begin...

If you are aged between 9 and 13 years old and love reading fantasy adventure stories then this novel is definitely for you! As you disappear into the world of Skydalon you will meet the Tree Keeper, Majesta and his Flock of the White Light, you will find out about the four tribes of Skydalon; Crystalyte, Draconia, Pegasus and Chamelia. Each tribe has special Tools, Talents and Weapons. If you want to stay in Skydalon you need to join one of the tribes ~ which one would you want to join? Don’t wait another second to find out, leap into Skydalon and start reading today!

Memoirs of a Guardian Angel: Paperbacks

I did manage to add a bunch of new paperback links to Memoirs of a Guardian Angel on my website. The print edition is now available literally anywhere in the world.

Click the image above to visit the book's official website, scroll down the page to "Buy Now", click "Paperback", and choose your favourite store:

  • (South Africa)
  • Exclusive Books (South Africa)
  • Fishpond (Worldwide)
  • Lulu (United States and Europe)
  • Barnes & Noble (United States)
  • Amazon (Various Countries)
  • AbeBooks (United States)
  • Blackwell's (United Kingdom)
  • Waterstones (United Kingdom)
  • Booktopia (Australia)
  • MightyApe (New Zealand)

How Did My Periscope Go?

Last month, I told you that I was going to start doing a live Periscope chat on the first Friday of every month.

Well, that broadcast happened on Friday 7 September. It only lasted six and a half minutes or so, and had one participant, who didn't chat with me. But it was a lot of fun, and you have to start somewhere, right?

It was nerve-wracking, let me tell you! I ran through the books I'd read in August, what they were about, and what I thought of them.

Click here to visit my profile and watch the replay.  And don't forget to subscribe, so you can be notified when I'm live next month.

Blog Posts

Here are all the blog posts I wrote since my last newsletter. To read one in your browser, click its link:

Featured Book: Killer Space Clown by Eli Taff, Jr.

I love me some flash fiction! Especially of the horror kind, and this collection features some of the better-written stories I've read.

It contains ten flash fiction stories, each one guaranteed to be exactly 500 words in length. Which is not an easy thing to do: guaranteeing less than 500 is one thing; guaranteeing exactly 500 is quite another. I really appreciate the craftsmanship here.

As you go through the stories, you start to get a sense that they're all connected in some way. Perhaps set in the same universe. Initially, though, that connection is quite subtle, but as the stories progress, it becomes really obvious. Obviously, a lot of thought went into the order of stories in this collection.

And that universe is really compelling. I think this author might just end up being a modern-day Lovecraft. If you like weird horror, you're sure to love this.

My Review: 4 / 5 Stars

About the Book

This spooky anthology by Eli Taff, Jr. is a collection of ten flash fiction stories packed with cosmic horror and unbelievable terror that will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you sleeping with the lights on.

The evil clown that steps out of a childhood memory and kills with a touch; the terrified mother who finds a monster in her daughter's bedroom; the unfaithful businessman who gets off the subway at the wrong stop; the gangster who robs the wrong old lady on the wrong night.

Each microfiction horror story is exactly five hundred words long, and one or more can be easily devoured in a single sitting.

Click here to find out where you can get the e-book.

Thanks for reading this edition of my newsletter. I'll see you next month. 

Yours in Reading,

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