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shining one huge beacon of light at ya!

it's time for some goodness!

i've been doing a lotta thinking about what i want to do with my days. a lotta my blogs lately are about looking up, intentionally looking for joy, that kinda thing. (here's one that might sum it all up a bit?) one thing i really wanted to do was offer a newsletter full of goodness and inspiration! reminders of goodness and creativity and peace and possibilities - well - that's always a good thing.
so here we go..... join me!
grab a cuppa something delicious and open your hearts to some peace and goodness!

smiling your way........ terri

do you not just love her?!

meet isabella!
created by cathy over at slingclay on etsy!
i asked for her for christmas one year and have loved her ever since! she is hanging in my garden now, but will soon be back to keeping me company in my living room. cathy makes all kindsa fun bells and other fun things! she and i got into a 'spreading joy' conversation recently, and so i wanted to spread cathy and her art here for you. her work is truly a delight to gift another or yourself. it will absolutely bring smiles! and if you're not in the mood to buy anything, just go look - even browsing brings smiles!  i am in love with isabella and so delighted to have you all meet her! oh and cathy is pretty cool too! i haven't met her yet, but she's fairly local! so one of these days. the way i figure, any friend of isabella's is a friend of mine!

cathy's etsy shop
i couldnt think of any graceful segue from isabella to
and then there's terry!

friends have been passing me terry hershey's writings for years! and being the ever quick person that i am, i just NOW started really tuning in! i'm reading his book 'this is the life' and using his journal 'the gift of enough' and really treasuring his words. he is absolutely a source of soothing energy for me right now. if you haven't heard about him, go check him out! i think he will resonate with so many of you. there are so many ways to enjoy him and his writing - head over to his website to start!

terry's website
have you heard of this?!
Buddhist Bootcamp

yet ANOTHER thing i have known about for a long time and haven't tuned in til just now! (ya see that, THERE'S a good thing about this darn covid stuff.....i'm finally starting to tune into things i've been missing! and now i seem to need them more than ever!)

he, timber hawkeye, also has a ton of resources to check out. so probably the best place is to visit his website here! i think you're gonna really like it! i am totally enjoying exploring timber's thoughts and finding so many helpful!

Buddhist Bootcamp
david and paul
talk about peaceful!

my buddy, david, adds so much to the peace of the world. honestly, when i wrote him to see if i could share him here, i told him he needed a whole darn website filled with all his offerings! he's a writer, a photographer, a teacher, a healer, and just a wonderful man! i will be sharing more of his work as we go along because he needs to be shared! and if he gets that website rolling, you know i'll be shouting about it!

for now.........i totally wanted to share this collaboration he and his brother, paul, have created together. nothing like talented brothers!  it's a short peaceful vid filled with gorgeous music from paul and the such soothing images from david. you can find it here. having a rough day? you'll want to check this out for sure!

thanking these guys for all the beauty they live and offer!

not even sure where to start here!
our josh!

i couldn't be more proud of this guy. he's my eldest son, and quite the man of heart. he has been working daily with the seniors that have been in lockdown all year. working right alongside some of them, virtually with others, and in letters and podcasts to still more!  if there's a way to reach out, josh has tried it! 

i get to hear his daily stories, and i gotta tell you, this has been one heck of a road for all of them - absolutely including josh. i hope one day he writes a book about all he's seen. but for now, he's too busy living it!

right in the beginning of things - having no idea this would go on and on and on and on - he started 'frankie boy radio'  {with franklin roosevelt and his fireside chats to keep up morale as his inspiration.) he figured if ever we needed a morale boost, it was now.  and so he plunged into podcasts EVERY SINGLE NIGHT (by the fireside!) so the seniors would know they weren't alone and they'd have someone right there always. while these are aimed at the seniors, they are available to us all. you can find those here.
it is interesting to note that he only missed ONE night. and that night he was so bummed out about the pandemic going on and on that he just didn't have it in him. i like to share that because while josh makes this look easy, it is by no means easy for him.  and that seems important to understand. 

then he started writing weekly letters to the various communities in the area. again, having no idea how long this would go on! beautifully, he has received mail back from some of the seniors! i love that part.  recently, he started to tell a story in parts in each letter. THIS has captured MY attention! i am a lover of stories......and it turns out josh is quite good at this! i am loving this so much i totally had to share. don't worry if you haven't heard the first can just go here and scroll down to find the first installment of DR. ELECTRO!

along with sharing these offerings he does, i wanted to stop and take a minute and thank him for all of this. it can be so discouraging and sad at times. to know you make a difference helps...but making that difference takes such muscle that sometimes it's just nice to have someone shout out 'way to go!'  and root you on. i am doing that here! WAY TO GO, JOSH! you totally change the world! you make a difference.

really good guys

did you notice all these men here?! that's unusual for me to fill a newsletter with men as my world seems to be filled with women creators.  i'm kinda tickled, to be honest, as i have been struggling with watching some bum raps men have been getting. good men. it's so hard sometimes to keep our heads straight with everything that goes on and not to get divisive at every turn. the world has so many good men filling it. it is my delight to be sharing these guys with you! and i love starting it all with cathy and ending it all with bone sighs. the world is a beautiful mix. i'm celebrating that today!

new greeting card

i needed a card one day and didn't have what i needed. so i made one. and i figured i may not be the only one who needs this card right now, so we just put it in the card line. (it's SMALLER than our regular cards. just so you know. it's 4 x 5.5" as opposed to our 5x7" cards.)  the outside reads 'wishing you peace' and the inside reads 'and holding you close.' and just so you know, i am doing that for each one of you right now...

wishing you peace card

so someone told me they just saw this vid i did EIGHT years ago! (ohmygosh time flies!) it's a welcome to bone sigh arts vid, that is over on the site and on youtube as well. if you haven't seen it, i invite you to take a peek. first of all - the guys made this for me! wow!! i mean, really - wow! what a nice job they did! and then, i like to think it might be a bit of an encouragement thing if you're feelin' in a low spot.

it WAS eight years ago. i am now older, my hair is darker, and i think my face is thinner. perhaps the world has worn on me a bit. grinnin' here. so while different on the outside, still definitely from my heart. and once again, i offer it with great love.

and THEN if you didn't know, i did a stretch of podcasts that are also over on youtube. if you're in the mood, feel free to check them out!

terri's vid
terri's podcasts
the holidays are coming! ohmygosh!
REALLY terri?!

well, at least over here they are! for, you see, to be ready for you, i have to start early. the really big news is that instead of offering the holiday card packs this year, those same cards will be offered individually! (no more packs) so you can buy as little or as many as you like! zakk is busily working on that, and it should all be set to see soon! - do keep in mind that they are the same cards that went into the packs, so they are SMALLER than the regular greeting cards. don't want to surprise anyone there.  

then i was thinking that i would make a new bone sigh for the holidays that was kinda aimed at this year and all we've been through.  but i decided against that since so many bone sighs already touch on so many of the issues. so thought instead i would encourage you to browse and look around. so many times i hear people tell me they never saw a print i've had for years and years. THAT is because SOMEONE around here has a whole lotta quotes! it's impossible to keep up! so come on by and hang out and read for awhile. you might be surprised at what you find. 

the bone sighs

i hope something here made you smile today! yes, it is a hard time right now, but there is so much good out there. let's keep looking for it and spreading it everywhere we can, shall we?! and um...let's not forget - WE can actually CREATE that good as we go along! it is up to us to brighten the world. let's do this!

oh! hey! you guys do know we have the quote of the day, yes?
that's one of my ways of spreading some love!
it's free and it's a little whisper of love every day -

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