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We know that our hearts skip a beat when we look at funny pictures of dogs. We’d love it if we could make your week even better than it already is. That’s why Bored Panda compiled this cool collection of hilarious doggo Snapchats. Open full post

The world is like a Rubik’s Cube and there’s a lot of variation that you can get out of it. The same goes for our faces. There’s a one in 135 chance that a pair of complete doppelgängers exist somewhere in the world. Some of us are brave enough to spin that wheel of features, and as luck would have it, find themselves looking at a pack of crisps as if it was their bathroom mirror. This Bored Panda compilation is dedicated to all the unlikely face matches found in the most random places. Open full post

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest has just announced its 2019 winners, and their pics are the perfect reminders of just how diverse and beautiful our Mother Earth really is. Open full post

A drop of cold sweat runs down your forehead and you say it out loud: “my kitty doesn’t love me.” Here it is, you’ve done it. Welcome to Mean Cat Owners Anonymous, the Twitter thread where owners share their emotional journeys about raising a cat demon. One user Meredith Hankins spills it out “my cat has a note in all caps red letters in his vet file” which warns the doctors to put a muzzle on him before handling him. Open full post

Guy challenged random passerby to finish lyrics of "Shallow" and this lady's performance blew not only him but the whole Internet away. Open full post

After the first person contracted the novel coronavirus at the beginning of December, a local Chinese doctor named Li Wenliang started raising alarms about the virus. However, the doctor was detained by authorities and accused of spreading rumors. A month later, Chinese authorities identified the novel coronavirus. Open full post

Photos, that have been shared on Facebook, show full moon surrounded by the natural cloud formation, are making people feel like it's the Mother Nature itself, casting a look down below to her kingdom. Open full post

There are more than 40 million search results on Google that give you ways to resign, which shows that people do care about how they handle this turning point in your CV record. There’s always a polite way, a ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ way, a creative way, and so on. Unfortunately, for some, the idea to step down from their job doesn’t creep in until it’s literally too late. This dedicated woman from Indian Woods Middle School has spent more than twenty years being a model teacher to her gifted students. However, it all came to an end in her dramatic speech streamed on live television. Open full post

What’s supposed to be the most important day of your life can turn into an absolute mess. Take a generous dose of bad luck, sprinkle in some oblivious relatives, add a whole bunch of misunderstandings, and there you have it—the recipe for a perfect wedding fail! Open full post

Life doesn't end after your twenties. On the contrary, you're well introduced to adulthood, the dust starts settling, and you finally realize you're getting it. Open full post

Some memes are created to be applied to different situations. Other memes take on a life of their own and this artist tells their stories through a series of comics. Open full post

As Science advances, the concept of Nature becomes less and less miraculous. But there are always a few miracles in Nature that even Science can't dispell. One of them is birth, and the other is the beauty of a mother protecting her children. Open full post

These are some pages from a webcomic series that I'm currently working on. I believe that we can learn a great deal from these kinds of stories. Open full post

It’s not a secret that the fashion industry puts a lot of pressure on women. Glossy magazines, luxurious window displays, or sizzling catwalk looks create a narrow beauty ideal to follow. While this staged fantasy world keeps failing young women around the world, a breath of fresh air comes in! Meet Sofía Jirau, Puerto Rican beauty and ambitious model with Down Syndrome who is taking New York Fashion Week by storm. “Inside and out there are no limits. You can accomplish your dreams too!” the woman states on her Instagram profile where she inspires her 60K followers. Open full post

"The beauty of real food is that it gets ugly," says Burger King in its new ad campaign. The well-known fast food chain is not afraid to demonstrate just how ugly it really gets. By the end of 2020, all restaurants in the US will serve burgers free of artificial preservatives, meaning that their famous whoppers will contain more organic and healthier ingredients and, as customers will notice, they will get moldy over time. Open full post

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