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Monday, November 26, 2018

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The long-awaited movie, 'Gang Stalking,' directed by Travis Lipski, premieres this Tuesday, November 27.  I've not been able to find more information, such as in which theaters or is it going directly to DVD?  The only information I've seen so far can be found on IMDb at this link:


Some have inquired about Spencer Carter as to his whereabouts lately.  Well, apparently he has been on the run from heavy targeting, however he now checks in with the community via this recent email sent to me. 

My life has been hell the last year, with few breathers - and  as TIs I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Apparently my activism was making waves so the deep state perps/traitors doubled down on me. I was debilitated for weeks, and then I fled the country. Sorry I have not been in contact lately - I am just low on the time and money. However, don't worry about me just YET. I am the eternal optimist so please just a prayer or two.

Spencer Carter


On November 18, Connie Marshall sent the following distressing note to her email list: 

Hello Everyone,

I need your help. My daughter and my grandson are missing. I have filed a missing persons report. with the Charlotte-MecKlenburg Police Dept. My daughter was living in the Withers Mill Drive area in Charlotte NC 28273 with a couple as a caregiver to the lady in the household. On Nov. 14, 2018 there was some type of disagreement and I am finding out she left walking in the rain with my grandson, who is ten. I do not know the people she lived with and I am just finding out where they lived.

On my daughters Facebook page she has written some disturbing comments that are jumbled and rambled about pedophilia, being watched, raped etc. She has her page  under the name Sion Mangione, however her name is Tonya. If you see or hear anything about them, please contact the police in Charlotte at telephone #704-336-7600, Case #20181117203203.

I will also be filing a report with the FBI as the crime crosses state lines due to the fact that in one of the thirty hate/sexual degradaion/Death Threats that I received from the Louisville Metro Police they state, "We got all your grandchildren" and in another one of the emails they have mentioned one of my grandson's by name and talked about shooting him up with heroin, placing him on a list, giving him a shot that turned him into a vegetable, etc. 

Many prayers and well-wishes then poured out from the community for her and her daughter and grandson.  Then two days later, the good news arrives: 

Hello Everyone,
Good News - My daughter has been released [from a mental health facility] and is reunited with Vincienzo (her son).  She and Giuseppe (the dad) are going to work together to assure this does not happen again.

There may have been some things going on in the house, however until confirmed I cannot comment on that issue.

Thank you for all your help and prayers.

Connie Marshall


We have known for years that water refracts microwaves and some have filled plastic bags with water and placed them around their sleeping area for protection.  Now there is a company that makes The Water Pillow  found on Amazon, so no more messy plastic sandwich bags to fill and somehow seal.  With the new Water Pillow, just and fill and drain to the desired firmness. Pleasant dreams!


If you or someone you know has ever been detained in a mental facility, Ramola D would like to interview you for her YouTube Channel.  Those who would like to be interviewed may contact Ramola at:


I'm dropping a short email, because I was reading PACTS, International Mondays News letter. My situation is at it's peak, I'm completely out of anyone's contact. My family has not talked to me for 1 year this Dec. I'm completely surprised that the TI community is avoiding me, or just not thinking of me. I'm not that important, and I normaly don;t feel this way, but my situation is critical. I'm now 19 months homeless, and my handlers are finalizing everything. I have no choice but to sleep in the cold, and panhandle while the police is mind controlled to show up. They mindcontrol police everyday, because I'm homeless and stuck in one area. My handlers are still mutilating my appearance and keeping up Microwave radiation to keep me unbalanced and worried to death.

They want me to make a last appearance to my mother and father, which both have endured 15 years of traumatization from making them sick with microwave without their knowledge. Now they are devastated and will not even talk to me. My mother was unapproachable and my father would not listen. This is mindcontrol 100%. I'm getting the same IMMEDIATE reactions from everyone AS NEEDED. 

Can you please pass on some emergency for some kind of relief to the community?  I have no Jacket, no gloves, shoes, socks. Same clothing for months, and now i cant wash for free at the DAY PROGRAM FOR HOMELESS. My handlers are active in ruining everything immediately.  My time is now completely different because they are making huge progress in this ELIMINATION game of any HELP!  My handlers are controlling all panhandling with a SIGN.. They are controlling people driving and controlling DONATIONS. This is done so precise it's amazing.

EXAMPLE, telling me what donation 1-5-10-20 dollars are given to me while panhandling. They can make every single CAR/Driver not donate. They been practicing this for the last 4 weeks. 

AI is latched to everything, to be honest with you...  these operators are not working so hard... AI is continuously building and reacting, everything and every person is available to be mixed into every dynamic; long distance as well,

AI has all current information on everything. Every outcome can be (hacked), this is immediate, no system as small as a register as large as an ATM, my handlers have complete access!  

Please pass on the message,I'm in critical Emergency Survival mode for 19 months, and now everything is gone, and I'm getting pushed into the ground. One last thing, My family and I never knew HORRIBLE people like this.  This isnt just them, but America is strange!

Thank you for your time, I hope your attacks are not slowing you down, be safe!  Donations at: 

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November Activities Calendar


Date:  December 1 - 2, 2018
Location: Lyusinovskaya Street, 13с1. / Moscow, Russia

Metro stops near... The conference room is 4 floor, auditoriya-9 at the page
Sponsored by:  The Moscow House Ecology Committee

If you intend to make a report (15 - 20 minutes), please send the topic of your report to our email address:

If you are unable to come, please send a video of your report to this address. Participants of the Conference will be acquainted with it. You will be able to communicate with the conference via Skype. With prior communication.

Saturday,  December 29, 2018 / 3:30 - 5:30 PM
Hollywood District Public Library
4040 NE Tillamook St.
Portland, Oregon
*Your family and friends are always welcome. Optional dinner follows at the Laughing Planet Cafe, located within walking distance.
Contact:  Amy - 971-207-3401

Those interested in participating, please contact: 
Ray Richardson:  214-578-4884

Bertrand Pangan - - for those who wish to locate others in their area or help form a support group for your location.  







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Time:  7 PM Eastern/ 6 PM Central/ 5 PM Mountain/ 6 PM Pacific
Call-in Number:  319-527-2701
Access Code:  248671

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Meeting ID: derrickcrobinson


**Congratulations*** to the following TI's who have recent or upcoming birthdays!  The source of these listings is mostly my Facebook page, however, if you have a birthday in November, and would like to be featured on the birthday list, send us an email to:

Robert Leroy Walker - November 4
Terrell Evans - November 4
James Lico - November 6
Chris Holden - November 8
Cleveland Prout - November 9
David Hughes - November 9
Rebecca Ji - November 9
Ricky Chua - November 9
Ovanes Ovanesian - November 10
Xavier Madera - November 10
Harrison Deckard - November 11
Wakil Amir Muhammad - Nov. 11
Haile Woubou - November 12
John Raymond Baker - November 13
Kim Rawlings - November 14
Allen Dannewitz - November 15
Anthony Thomas - November 15
Liza Carlile - November 16
Larry Chin - November 16
Don Minjire - November 16
AJ Bonte - November 17
Elena Gold - November 17
Leticia Martinez - November 18

Robert Bryan - November 19
Petrit Demo - November 20
Don Friedman - November 21
Jack Christiana - November 21
Lorna Corpening - November 21
Zemichael Gebru - November 21
Karl Beard - November 23
Lowell Moffit - November 24
Rita Thomas - November 24
Stefan Keith Howard - November 25
Kathy Meadows - November 25
Robert Tavernier - November 25
Doreen Carpenter - November 26
Shawn Abrell - November 26
Jane Trimpi - November 26
Richard Sanders - November 28
DW Lang - November 29
Kimberli Rideway - November 29
Carl Homan - November 30
Yvette Basica - November 30
Curtis Cook - November 30
Johnny Trial - November 30
Katherine Moore - November 30

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Excellent primer about directed energy weapons from an Electro-optical Engineer who has worked with the military and the CIA.

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Hello!I  I heard on a call about a Stanley Stud finder detecting our implants. It works on me. It detected my implants. Please spread the word and have everyone try it.  Let us know your results. 

Kim Straub 


On 10/7/18 it appears that the stalker perp removed my customized e-mail signature from the settings profile in my e-mail account.  It was discovered when I created a new e-mail to my sister at 10:58 pm and I noticed that the signature was not there.  Before that, at 9:02pm, the last e-mail that I created was to Millicent Black and the e-mail was as it should be -- with my customized e-mail appearing in the newly-created e-mail, as it should.  I remember calling [Derrick] to tell [him] this, and then the next morning my customized signature was back as it should be -- only in a bigger font (I compared the two font sizes using old e-mails of mine). 

I can only surmise that this is just another thing that the perp/stalkers do to prove that they have succeeded at acquiring something from the target, i.e., proving that "contact" has been made with the target (however, I truly don't know why it was done). 

Since that experience, whenever I'm away from my computer for any length of time I now completely shut down my entire computer and remove the power cord so that no electricity passes to it... 

I'm concerned possibly that an e-mail bearing my signature could be circulated with things in it that I would not write (disinformation) or something disparaging concerning another target (because I've been using it for years now and people recognize it). 

Also, I'm sharing how I get rid of the ringing in the ear (taught to me by an ENT doctor when I suffered from stopped-up ears due to sinusitis).  One day, I simply remembered this exercise and decided to try it for the ringing that occurs in my left ear:

  1.  Pinch your nose shut.  Close your mouth.
  2. Now, blow until your cheeks puff out and you feel pressure in both your ears.
  3. When you hear a faint "crackle" or "pop" sound in your ear (doesn't matter which ear you hear it in),
  4. Immediately release your nose and open your mouth wide as though you're yawning (tilt your head back slightly).  You may even experience a bona fide yawn.  
  5. You will feel your ear "open," and the ringing should go away.  (It does for me.)

Hope this helps someone. 

Cassandra Lewis

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