Moving with Consciousness
Emily Blefeld, LICSW & Dan Cohen, PhD

When you dive into the river of consciousness, is your location determined by your swimming or by the river? Say consciousness is a river and you decide not to swim in it, are you still moved by the river?

Emily and Dan moved. We bought a house together in Providence, RI, the new home of Seeing with Your Heart. Our house is on a quiet street near the river. It has a large enough room to host our workshops, a couple of offices for constellation therapy, mentoring, and herbal consults and a garden with freshly planted medicinal herbs.

It’s taken our entire lives so far to get here. We arrived in this house by trusting our love for each other and the consciousness that guides us. A long time ago, we wrote out our vision for
Seeing with Your Heart and in the document, we noted Pete Seeger’s lyrics…

"Oh Eve, go tell Adam
We've got to build a garden.

We' got to get a-workin'
On building a decent home for all of God's children.

Oh-oh Pacem in Teris, Mir, Shanti, Salaam, Heiwa!"

A week after moving, we received a shipment of dirt to fill the raised beds and ended up with three times the amount of dirt we could possibly need (despite how carefully we ordered it). Was this a metaphor we wondered? Or is there a message to uncover as we tend to the massive pile of dirt?

Our first guess, when life hands you dirt, build another garden. So, rather than unpacking boxes, we began to build garden beds around the perimeter of the house and took on the project of transforming our small front yard into a raised garden held up by a stone wall.  Seemed simple, until it wasn’t. After about a week of digging and moving dirt, we lost our enthusiasm, the stone wall started to tip forward, and we questioned what in the hell were we doing. 


Then the message arrived....

The same people whom we dive into the river of consciousness with began to show up to dive into the dirt.  Together, with their masonry ancestors, we built a new garden. We couldn’t do it alone…we needed their support and their hope when we had met a discouraged and hopeless moment. None of us are called to travel the river of life alone. If we want a new garden, we need to build it together.  

There are people, ancestral guides and spirit resources that come along to support us in life whether we let them in or shut them out. 

In our experience, life is better trusting the current than trying to swim against the tide.

Emily and Dan moved. Is it your time to move with us?

Join us August 25-26 for our first weekend workshop at Seeing with Your Heart’s new home. 


The next cycle of the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion begins on September 28. Now in its 7th generation, the Immersion is for individuals and couples ready to dive into the river of consciousness and learn how it swims you.

For Seeing with Your Heart grads and others who have completed a Constellations training, the Act with Your Heart Advanced program begins on November 2. You know how to swim; learn how to co-create with consciousness-beyond-the-ordinary.

If you want to start by dipping your toe in the water…if you feel like your life is sinking or you’re expending all your energy just to stay afloat… we welcome you to experience the magic of Seeing with Your Heart in a private session.

We have refined our ability to tune-in, gather images, sense messages from the field and find the healing movements that free the heart. Now we are here and invite you to come open your heart to untapped possibilities of life, joy, and abundance.

Emily Blefeld, LICSW & Dan Cohen, PhD - Seeing with Your Heart
Upcoming Events
Seeing with Your Heart Weekend Workshop
Aug. 25 – 26, 2018

SWYH restores the long-evolved human capacity to engage with the organ of perception that evolved in the human species over millions of years.

2018-19 SWYH Immersion Program
Sept 28-30, 2018

This deep, rich, and transformative program offers an experience that will increase your impact on the world and forever change how you understand your life

2018-19 AWYH Advanced Program
November 2-4, 2018

Navigate to deeper levels of ancestral, spiritual, and collective consciousness and apply it in your work and everyday life. 




Clear the unconscious imprints that may be contributing to your current challenges and free you to manifest your desired intentions



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Seeing with Your Heart

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