New videos and articles to help you improve your table tennis skills
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Tom's Table Tennis Tips


Here are my latest table tennis videos and articles. Tips this issue on backhand push tactics, trick serves, making a two point improvement and watching your opponent. I also give some rubber recommendations for controlled all-round play.  


New videos and articles
5 backhand push tactics to beat your opponent

In this video, I show 5 different ways you can use your backhand push to beat your opponent. Don’t think of a backhand push as a passive shot which just keeps the ball in play. You can use your backhand push in a variety of ways to put your opponent under pressure, play weak shots or make mistakes.

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How to do devious TRICK SERVES – with Craig Bryant

In this video, top coach and service expert, Craig Bryant, explains how to do trick serves to baffle your opponent and win cheap points. Trick serves can be good fun to practice. But it is possible to use trick serves in matches and completely catch out your opponent. Craig discusses whether you should use trick serves and demonstrates three different trick serves he uses when he plays.

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Four simple ways to make a two point improvement

A key focus of the training camp I organised in the summer was for players to make a two point improvement. Think about all the games you have lost 11-9. With a two point improvement, you win these games 11-9. Think about all the games you have lost 11-7. With a two point improvement, the score is 9-9 and you have a good chance of winning. A two point improvement may seem small, but it can make a big difference to how many matches you win or lose. Here are a few obvious ways you can make a two point improvement…

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Common ball-watching error – and how to fix it

In this video, I demonstrate a very common ball-watching error and how explain how you can stop doing it. Many players, including myself, are very guilty if this. We play a really good shot, then we pause and keep watching the ball. We’re so busy admiring our own shot, that we don’t recover properly and if the ball comes back, we either play a weak shot or make a mistake. So in his video, I explain how you can use your eyes better when playing – focusing on your opponent, rather than on your own shot.

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Best table tennis rubbers for controlled all-round play

If you like to play and all-round game – some pushes, some blocks, some topspins – then you will need versatile rubbers. These are rubbers which are generally a bit softer, with medium speed. This allows you to play a range of defensive and attacking shots and have good consistency with all. In this article I give a few recommendations for very good rubbers for controlled all-round play.

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