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What's Your Favorite Child's Fairy Tale?

This question can go two ways.

It can mean what is the fairy tale that would be about your favorite child?


What is your favorite fairy tale from when you were a child? Or in the case of my dad, still is a child?

Do you have a favorite fairy tale?

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Our Newsletter Readers Get 1st Look

This is a story that will go into our prequel series to Growing Up Aimi. 

The story, Gimmy Wolf is written by Wilby.

It's the story of the wolf behind The 3 Little Pigs.

It has NOT been published anywhere else. This is part 1 of the story. We don't want to overwhelm our newsletter.

Gimmy Wolf

Graham, Gotcha and Gimmy (pronounced like 'Give Me' when you say it real fast) were three brothers. They were also three wolves. 

Gimmy was the baby brother of the three and he caused the most trouble. 

Like lots of brothers, they didn’t get along very well, especially at meal time. That’s when Gimmy was at his worst. Whenever Mama Wolf put food on the table, Gimmy would dig in, pig out (can wolves do that?) or wolf down anything and everything he could; his, theirs, all of today’s and tomorrow’s food, too.

The brothers fought with and hollered at their little brother, “I want some, too Gimmy!

“That’s mine!” Graham snarled.

Gotcha growled, “Give me some!

“Hey you guys! Share!” Mama or Papa Wolf would snap.

Gimmy didn’t pay any attention. While they did their thing, yelping and howling, he did his - eating. When he did say something, it went like this, “I’m gonna eat what I can eat, take what I can take. And, I’m gonna get what’s coming to me.” And that’s about all he said, too. It was his motto, his mantra, the creed he lived by, especially at dinner time.

Mama scolded him. She tried paddling him, but Gimmy knew how to use his tail to keep it from hurting. Papa did his best to explain the rules. Papa got real close to Gimmy.

when he did this. One time Papa even bit a piece of Gimmy’s ear off. Graham and Gotcha couldn’t stop him either. Why, they once duct taped Gimmy to a tree to keep him away at dinner time. But just as soon as Gimmy got a whiff of Mama’s stew, he started slobbering, got the duct tape all wet and then slid right out. If it were food, Gimmy was gonna get his share and then some.

Gimmy loved his Papa. Papa had learned to speak sheep and how to hide out among the mindless creatures. Beaudridge, Beau for short, a famous sheep and goat herder in those parts, lost a sheep once. Papa found that sheep. Papa was always able to provide for the family. For Gimmy, that meant there was always enough to eat.

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