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The Portal Agency Files Book 3

There’s something about me.
But I can’t tell you.
Everything is so complicated right now.
I can see it in Dorian's eyes and he knows I’m hiding something.
I just can’t bring myself to tell him yet.
Our relationship is eroding, and you know how that chips away at your heart.
I sure hope we can still work this out.
Our latest mission has us in the underbelly of the magic world and it's dark and twisted.
Don’t get me wrong there are some very good things here.
It’s just hard to see them through this veil of deceit.
Cause when you work with the devil, well...
Who can you trust?
And maybe that's his legacy, and revealing this truth would turn the whole realm upside down.

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Steamy Shifter Romance

A Vision. A Monster. A Mate.

Riley’s psychiatrist doesn’t believe her visions are real, but a demon attack thrusts her into the shadow shifter world and unlocks the hard truth about her past. After her transition, tensions between the shadow clans escalate, and learning that Riley’s virgin blood will unlock the portal to the demon realm, causes a breach with the reaper clan.

With reapers defecting to the rising demon clan, and the demon king perched at the edge of the expanding portal, Riley’s father is abducted.

Will Riley save the man she has loved her entire life or sacrifice the man that claims she is his mate?

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Paranormal Romance Box Set

They are hot dragons that will set your body and soul on your fire—and they’re billionaires on top.

The seductive shifters of the Dragon Billionaire Club certainly know how to enjoy themselves and live life to the fullest. If one of them identifies you as his mate, expect your life to change beyond your wildest imagination. So why not come and join them for the night of your life … and maybe more.

New Release

JL Madore

Whitby, Ontario