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Share a Coffee

Good Friday Morning!

Welcome to Issue #22 of Share a Coffee! Today we'll be sharing a coffee with Hannah Milan!

Hannah Milan - @humbleuidesigns

Hannah is a maker, full-time product designer, lover of no-code tools, and super into designing and making products that provide creative solutions for accessibility.

She is co-founder of Leeloo App, a super kid-friendly AAC speech companion for non-verbal kids to help them communicate with their parents, teachers, family, and friends. 

She recently released this amazing resource called A11yResources, a growing collection of accessibility tools and resources. 

Right now, Hannah is expanding the A11yResources and working on Assistive Cards, a multilingual AAC card, and phrase groups designed for kid’s special education. By using Assistive Cards, developers and designers can make assistive software and educational games for children and parents can also make their own printed AAC boards, and so on. 

She's also co-maker of Memo, which lets you take smarter notes with GitHub Gists.

Follow Hannah on Twitter @humbleuidesigns. She is happy to connect with people who want to collaborate! Her DMs are always open. 

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Hannah was nominated by Sanketh (Issue #21)

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Kitchener, ON Canada

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