An open letter from the Treasurer

Dear Contributors/ Donors and Participants,

Perth Homeless Support Group Inc has been a very significant part of my life for six years now. Being able to support so many people experiencing homelessness is very rewarding to my inner calling to action where there is a need.

Over the last six years we have seen a huge increase of visible homeless people, prompting PHSG to be proactive to their particular needs. The wider community are very responsive to donating either their time, donating comfort items or making a financial donation to the charity.

We have been collecting data for sometime now and we are seeing steady numbers between 190 to 240 recipients attending the Sunday Outreach. These numbers are alarming indeed and only strengthens our resolve to assist as best we can and provide comfort items to all. 

The ongoing cost of running the Sunday Outreach is between $1000 and $1300 weekly.

A $20 donation to PHSG through Paypal My Giving Fund, will supply 2 recipients with all the items. 

Over the years we have managed to keep our Administration costs below 5%, however we managed to acquire the PHSG HQ a year ago and the costs for administration have increased to apx 7%, still in a manageable margin.

When making a financial contribution through Paypal My giving Fund, PHSG gets all of the money, there are no fees attached to the fund.

We are consistently engaged in Fundraising projects to raise the money we need to keep providing the Outreach Service. I would like to encourage all our members to make a monthly donation of $20 through the Paypal My Giving Fund, considering the 2 homeless recipients you have provided with the comfort items they need for that week.

 I would personally like to thank all the members for your ongoing support over the past 6 years. The PHSG Committee have future visions and we are working closely with those in a position to really make a difference in providing shelter for our homeless friends. PHSG has gained a very well-respected status amongst the wider community for the work we/you all do. 

Your ongoing efforts, however you make a difference is much appreciated. Your financial support will enable us to continue our mandate:


Michael Edwards

Treasurer/ Co-Founder PHSG

Donate via Paypal Giving Fund

Movie Fundraiser

The Perth Homeless Support Group are having a Ladies Arvo at The Backlot private luxury cinema on Sunday 20th November.
We are screening Downton Abbey. Raffles and door prizes. Doors and Bar open at 3pm and movie starts 3.45pm.
All proceeds go to the purchase of Food and Toiletries for the Homeless.

Tickets Just $25

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