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Pixelated Gif of a football player

I don't need to go in-depth here, since we can all agree that these pixelated images are awful. But this tech-letter isn't, so hit that share button below.

(You have to recognize how much effort I put into staying on topic and beautifully segueing into asking you to share this email).

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Smart Upscaler 🤖

Smart Upscaler interface

Icons8 is a platform that providers designers with various tools for all their designing needs. One of these tools is Smart Upscaler.

Smart Upscaler uses machine learning to enlarge / enhance your (low quality) images - resulting in a significantly sharper image. The use of this online platform is simple: all you do is drag your image onto the box above, and it spits out the conversion below.

As far as privacy goes, your content is not stored on their servers; they are deleted as soon as the image is processed. 

To test this, I looked for "low quality images" online and uploaded it on Smart Upscaler - take a look at the results below.

    low quality and high quality image of french fries

    I know I joked about wanting @McDonalds to sponsor me in a previous tech-letter, but I promise I didn't specifically look for their low quality images online.

    But back to the tool: take a look at the image on the left - the fries are almost blending in-together with how poor the quality of the image is. And then take a look at how much higher the quality of the image on the right is. Processing this image took all of 3 seconds. 

    If that wasn't enough for you... See the "Enlarge to 4x" option? This is the result of that 🔽

    high quality and enlarged picture of french fries

    This image is so crisp that the fries almost look fake. 

    P.S. consider the quality of the image, the pixels, instead of the size. 

    The best part of this tool is that it's online, so no download required to actually use it; and it's free - you pay $0 dollars to enhance your low quality images or download them. 

    At the most, the creators appreciate you attributing their images (giving them credit on your content if you so choose).

    Bonus Content ⭐

    Speaking of pixelated images... are you tired of having to solve Google captchas so often? Do you get stressed when having to select the images with "traffic lights"?

    Google Captcha

    Their whole slogan is "Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots". Turns out, the bots got annoyed. Check out how they're fighting back.

    Price? Free! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Available? All browsers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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