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We already know Melbourne’s west is brimming with incredible food offerings, but now something new is on the horizon.

It’s called Grazeland and it’s pitching itself as a new 'culinary precinct' that will span over 10,000 square meters and host over 50 food vendors, three bars, artisan stalls, live performances and more. We’re imagining it to be much like the Queen Vic Night Market, but permanent, and located in Spotswood.

Yes, Spotswood. The suburb that many people only know about because it’s where Scienceworks is. But Spotswood is becoming cool – it’s currently home to one of our favorite bakeries in greater Melbourne, plus there’s a great weekend farmers’ market in the RSL every month.

Grazeland is poised to elevate that culinary offering. It will be located on the open stretch of concrete right next to Scienceworks, flanked by the looming West Gate Bridge and with the Yarra River and the CBD skyline visible in the background.

The venue will be open every weekend of the year (on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings) and they are promising plenty of seating for visitors. Grazeland is expected to open in March 2020.

We currently offer IELTS courses in the morning and in the evening but our IELTS Review that is run in the evening from 5 pm to 9.15 pm has got something unique that no other school has.

First of all, the mock test is a full IELTS mock test and unlike other providers, students take it on Monday. Yes, because from their Monday test, the teacher will develop the class for the week, going through the tricky parts of the Listening and Reading sections that students may have found confusing. They will then look into the Writing around Wednesday and will revise the grammar structures, the academic vocabulary, the formats and work towards improving their writing skills for IELTS purposes. Our IELTS Review is pretty intense and aims at a score of 6 and above. Students who participate in this course have usually taken the test before and are in need of a higher score due to migration/academic reasons.

Our IELTS teachers are experts in the field and can assist students with personalized tips to improve and develop from their weaknesses.

You may see many men with mustaches on the street, buses or trams in November. Do you know why? Because it’s Movember! Have you heard of it? It is an annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as anxiety, prostate cancer, and men’s suicide.  It has run every November since 2004 in Australia and is celebrated in Ireland, Canada, Spain, El Salvador, the United Kingdom and so on. 

We decorated our campus with mustaches to make our students aware of what Movember is. Both SMEAG English students and staff members are growing their mustaches and donating to support Movember. It doesn’t mean that only males can join the event. While our females can’t grow that fabulous mustache, they can still partake in the fundraising in a fun way.


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