It's been forever since I've last seen you, hasn't it? How've you been? What's the latest you gossip? How did they holidays go? And man, what's with this weather?

I'd chit-chat more, but you're here for news, and news is what I have for you! First of all, We are but a scant two months away from the release of DAY OF THE DRAGON, wherein you find out just what is with those ouroboros dragons, and how they tie in to the weyr and dragon septs that you know and (hopefully) love.


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It's Almost the Day of the Dragon!

The second book in the Dragon Hunter series will be out in March, and I've put the first chapter up for perusal on my website. I am thrilled that this book dives deeper into the world of the ourboros dragon tribes, and can't wait to write about other tribes than just the two featured in this book.

It also gives you the background on just how Dragon Hunters got started...and what challenges they face today.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt!

So just who are the ouroboros dragons? They are former members of the main five dragon septs who for some reason or other left, and wandered around on their own. Some of those outcasts banded together to form tribes, groups similar to septs, but inclusive of all dragons, not just those who have shared bloodlines.

Tribes are governed by a master rather than a wyvern, and they're a little more rough-and-tumble than their sept-born counterparts. They are fiercely loyal, however.

In Day of the Dragon, you meet the leaders of two ouroboros tribes: the storm and shadow dragons. Just how they're related is covered in the book...along with a lot more dragon lore.

March is just around the corner! :)

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