Free fundraising summit and the video every prospective donor needs to see.


Today is opening day for my team. The Buffalo Bills play the Jets tonight on Monday Night Football and I am nervous and excited for this much-anticipated matchup. I'm already game ready at my desk :-)

You'd better Billieve I ate my Josh's Jaqs cereal this morning and I'm sipping on JA 17 Blend coffee. And while I'm on the subject of MVP material, I thought I'd send you two very valuable items today. 

The first is a link to register for the FREE virtual version of NextAfter's NIO Summit. This is not your average fundraising conference and, if you're not able to make it to Dallas next week, watching online is a great opportunity to learn from more than 20 speakers across many industries and disciplines. Check out my recap of last year's summit.  Once registered, you'll be able to stream the entire conference for free. 

Second, is a 2-minute video that you should see - and share with your board and community. It's about fully funding nonprofits...not just programs and pet projects. The video is called Bake a Difference and was created by Voice for Social Good. It highlights the importance of funding operational expenses - because you need the most-qualified people and adequate tools to achieve your mission. 

Watch the short video and then share it:

Bake A Difference: The Full-Funding Principle for Nonprofits

I hope you'll find these two resources to be very, very valuable and that today we ALL feel like winners. 

Go Bills!

P.S. This recent episode of 52 Gifts featured an exclusive Bills-related gift. Listen here.

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