Spark 2 Interview Questions

Spark 2.x Interview Questions : Audio Book and PDF Download

  • 185 Questions based on Latest Apache Spark 2.x version
  • Includes Audio book and divided in 5 sections
  • Downloadable PDFs for each section
  • Include topics like 
    • Core Spark 2.x
    • DataFrame/Datset
    • Structured Streaming
    • GraphFrame
    • SparkSQL
    • Basics of Machihe Learning
    • Hadoop YARN related questions
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Apache Spark Interview Questions Audio/Video/Downloadable PDF Book :  Total 185 Interview Questions 

This interview question book is to strengthen your Apache Spark Knowledge, you can learn various concepts of Apache Spark using this questions. At the same time we have added this book in format like you can use it as Audio Book and any time you can revise this questions. Most of our learners requested for the Audio Book on the Learning Material. Hence, we are launching this first book (we say it is a Beta version, because we are still thinking, how to improve quality of this material. We request you to please send feedback as well on We see in the following situations this Audio Book would be helpful

  • While travelling (Home to Office)
  • While Driving Car you can put this on your Car Speakers
  • You can do multitasking
  • It is based on Latest Apache Spark 2.x releases (We update new features detail as soon as they are available) . Hence, always prepare with the latest material.
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