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School Holiday Workshops

What's new and what's happening in store at Reverse Garbage Queensland

A Big Warm Hello!

Winter is officially here! We hope that you're keeping warm and using this time to get crafty indoors! Fun fact: Did you know that our back office is an ex-industrial fridge? It's much more fun to be in during summer.

We've been very busy of late, what with our eco-art workshops with schools, but also festivals like the Indigi-Day Out and Green Heart Fair.

These school holidays we've got a massive set of Waste-Free Winter Workshops to engage the kids in learning about creativity and sustainability. You should definitely check out the full range of events, but get in quick!

In this edition of Not Junk Mail, we're also featuring an amazing sale on fabrics, plenty of crafting materials for the upcoming Abbey Medieval Festival and we've been working on a customer survey, which we would love for you to complete.

See you in the Woolloongabba warehouse soon!

Special Announcements

Customer Survey

At Reverse Garbage QLD, we value input from our customers in order to improve our products and services. As such, we're going to start six-monthly formal surveys in order to better do our jobs!

If you'd like to help us to improve our products and services so that we can do a better job of educating people about sustainability and diverting resources away from the tip, we'd love for you to complete our survey.

Complete Our Survey!

This survey is only expected to take 20 minutes, and all results are anonymous.

If you have any questions about the survey, you can email us on to have your concerns addressed.

Help Us Make Reverse Garbage QLD Even Better!
Waste-Free Winter Workshops!

Hey Parents and Carers!

Are you looking for fun experiences for your kids for the Winter Holidays?

We thought you might, so we've planned some amazing Waste-Free Winter Workshops!

Choose from exciting themed events, like Easy-Peasy Macrame Hangers, Tinker Space and Dress Up Box Unleashed! And brand new to these holidays, we have our drop-in Rag Rugs and Shaggy Friends workshop.

Our holiday workshops are specially designed for different age groups from kindergarten up - and parents are welcome too!

Click here for the full program and booking information

We've got a whole bunch of fabric that just needs to go!

Rolls of lycra

$2.50 - $10 per metre

Many different colours, patterns, textures and strengths - enough to make a professional cyclist jealous!

Fabric Books

Starting from $1.00

The least boring set of handkerchiefs or dining mats is needing creation.


Vintage Upholstery Fabric

$2.50 - $10 per metre

Got a chair, couch or sofa that could use some love? Check these out!

Fabric Samples

Starting from $1.00

An array of colours, patterns and materials for all sorts of uses.

Vintage and Retro Patterns

$1.00 Each

Make something wonderful with a little help from these guides.

Vintage Cotton and Haberdashery Collection

$30 set

Look no further for this vintage treasure.


$0.50 Each

Need an alternative for a waistcoat? Even a night mask? Or perhaps you just like the material.

Hat Decorations

$0.50 Each

It's never to early to start planning for the next Melbourne Cup!

Stuffing and Wadding

From $2.50 per bag

Perfect for that stuffed animal or feature cushion.


$0.10 Each

Need help with a drawstring? Or keep your hats from flying off!

Pins, Earrings and Headbands

From $0.25 Each/ Pair

Keep lookin' good!

Hessian Roll

$2.50 per metre

This sturdy organic material is used the world over. Plus, it's breathable!

Black Tulle

$5 per metre

Named after the Southern French city, tulle is a lightweight lacy material perfect for gown-making.

Leather Written in Leather

Large Silk Pieces

$10 each

If you like what you see, chances are that other people will too. These large silk pieces would make a fantastic robe or royal quilt.

Leather Written in Leather

Are you getting that leather armor ready for the Abbey Medieval Festival, coming up on July 8th and 9th? Or perhaps you do leather-crafting? Either way, Reverse Garbage QLD has what you need - from the finest soft leather to near-complete hides!


From $15 per kilo

Enough colours, textures and thicknesses for a range of purposes.

Leather Odds

From $0.50

We've got bin-fulls of hatbands and finer assorted scraps!

Solar Chargers

$7.50 Each

These packs do not have a micro USB adapter. Nonetheless, you'll be able to make use of their solar panels, charging cables and other electronic parts.

Green Flooring Lino

$1.50 per kilo

Substantial rolls that are 61cm, 62 cm and 76 cm wide.


$2 per pack

Do you ever remember playing with these as a child? Perhaps you could teach the next generation!

Green Paper Hearts

$18 per kilo, approx. 50 per $1

Easily decorate a room with these.


$10 per pack

At these prices, people will be flying off them!

Wallpaper Samples

From $1 per sheet

You just have to touch these! This recent collection has the most interesting indentations.

Suggested Use

Why not upgrade your lampshades with our wallpaper? Or, dare I say it, a wall!


Reverse Garbage Queensland is a not-for-profit worker run co-operative that promotes environmental sustainability and resource reuse. We collect high quality industrial discards, diverting them away from landfill and sell them at a low cost to the general public.

We collect from more than 300 businesses and factories in the greater Brisbane area, with approximately three tonnes coming into the warehouse each week. With a truck full of materials coming in almost every day, there's always something new and different to find!

We run a variety of environment and waste focused art workshops and educational talks and tours to suit every age and group:

We also run a mail order service:

And we host Reverse Emporium, which is a gallery and gift shop that promotes local artists, craft workers and designers who salvage, reuse and up-cycle materials:

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Contact Details

Reverse Garbage Qld Co-op Ltd

Location: 20 Burke Street, Woolloongabba Q 4102
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm

Phone: 07 3891 9744




Twitter: twitter/ReverseGarbageQ

Public Transport to the Warehouse

We encourage taking public transport to the warehouse as we are within close walking distance (Less than 5 mins) from both Park Road train station and Boggo Rd bus station as well as bus stops along Ipswich Rd (Approx. 10 mins). Public transport runs very frequently to these stops. Check out Translink for all the routes and timetables:

Parking Facilities at the Warehouse

We have seven parking spaces in front of the Reverse Garbage Queensland warehouse and there is also two-hour street parking available around the corner on Elliott St.

We ask that customers please do not park in the car parks of businesses on Burke Street. These are reserved for other businesses and we would not like you to get towed!

Friends of the Earth—Brisbane

Reverse Garbage Queensland was set up in 1998 to help support the work of Friends of the Earth (FoE) - Brisbane. FoE is a social change organisation working towards an ecologically sustainable and socially just future through community action. For more information on FoE, current campaigns and volunteering call 07 3171 2255, email or visit

Reverse Garbage Queensland

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07 3891 9744

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