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Daily Happiness Journal #40 May 23rd 2020
May 1st 2020

I hope this little email will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you. In this email:

  • Food for thought: Sandpaper
  • Picture of the day: Fairytale Books
  • Daily Funny: Lion chasing
  • Daily Happiness:  Sleeping Kitty
  • Daily Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh

    I hope this little email will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you.

    Thought for the day


    Sometimes little things annoy us.  And sometimes the proverbial matter hits the fan (not using the s-word as this is a family-friendly email) and everything seems to go wrong. 

    When that happens, and the worst anger has passed, look back.  Surely such unpleasant events were not the first ones in your life?  And apparently you survived or you wouldn't be reading this email. 

    How do you feel  now about those past annoying phases? You probably now look at them as something that is behind you, something you mastered.  Not saying you don't have negative emotions about them, that is only human, but the more time has passed, the less you allow those negative emotions take over and dictate your life.

    Think of these difficult phases like sandpaper.  What does sandpaper feel like?  Coarse, not something you'd like to rub against your skin.  But what does sandpaper do?  It smooths uneven surfaces into something beautiful.  Quite like past difficulties have transformed you.  You learned you survived.  You learned new mental and practical skills to walk into a better tomorrow.

    Don't try to avoid life's annoying things. They could be something you cannot stop from entering your life and even trying will simply add unnecessary stress in your mind.

     Live your days to the fullest, acknowledge the difficulties when they arrive, and make plans how to deal with the things you have control over.  And there is always one thing you can work on, even if you cannot change what has happened - your attitude.  No, not saying you should be a Pollyanna and declare your happiness when in fact you feel miserable.  Instead remember the famous saying "This too shall pass".  Trust that.  And start paying attention to the little specks of light when they begin to appear in the darkness again.  They will increase with time. 

    And you guess what I am going to say next: write down those little moments when life begins to feel better.  They will show you your progress towards a lighter future. Recommended bed-time reading for sure.

    Picture of the day
    Write down the positive things in your day, and let them lift your spirits
    Happiness Journal / Fairytale Books

    The very first spring flower in Finland is the common hepatica. I think there's nothing common about it - that beautiful violet colour in the midst of the brown leaves on the ground is a breath of fresh air after winter.

    Happiness Journal / Fairytale Books -products
    Daily Funny
    Lion chasing

    You are riding a horse full speed, there is a giraffe next to you, and a lion chasing you. What do you do?

    Get off the carousel.

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    Today's Happiness

    Sleeping kitty

    This is our Aby girl enjoying a nap - in the best spot in the middle of the couch, of course. That fluffy tummy is too cute... And just look at those paws  :)

    What made you happy today? Send a note and tell, if you wish to share your little happy moment with others.

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    Daily Quote

    Why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?

    -Thich Nhat Hanh

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