We are thrilled to announce a significant transformation on our platform. What was once known as M@P (Many Quirky Places) has now been renamed into DARE (Distinctive Alternative Remote Extremes).

This exciting change is designed to bring even more adventure and diversity to your travel experiences as we increase DARE places from now and for the next year or more. Read the detailed update on our blog here.

Micronations Month Recap 

Over the weekend, we successfully hosted our illuminating micronations webinar "A Spotlight on the Smallest Nations of the World"

A lineup of remarkable guests graced us with their presence, sharing profound insights about their quirky worlds. If you couldn't join us live, no worries — you can catch the live stream HERE

As we conclude our Micronations Month at NomadMania, dive into the intriguing results of our latest micronations poll!

Discover how our community feels about these unique territories - check out our recent poll resulst here!

New DARE Additions

In other news, we proudly introduced our revamped DARE list at the micronations webinar and a notable announcement of the inclusion of Slowjamastan, signalling our commitment to regularly update and expand this dynamic directory.

Every Sunday, we'll be introducing 5 new locations to explore. (Total now: 1306 places). Our DARE additions of this week are:

Welcome to the Hotel NomadMania

It's been a month since the launch of "Welcome to the Hotel NomadMania" by our very own founder, Harry Mitsidis, and the excitement hasn't subsided!

Dive into an Agatha Christie-inspired tale that takes you through over 20 mesmerizing locations, with fictionalized accounts of renowned travellers.

If you missed our enchanting premiere with Harry, it's never too late to embark on this literary adventure.

Read more about the book and where you can purchase it HERE

NomadMania November

As we approach the year's end, the buzz from our sensational awards and tour is still in the air. Missed out? Relive the magic by watching here!

With 2023 drawing to a close, we're shifting our spotlight back to the heart of our community: NomadMania

This November, immerse yourself in a month dedicated entirely to all things NomadMania. From riveting interviews to exciting updates, we've got a packed lineup just for you. Stay tuned and let's keep the travel spirit alive!


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