For a long time, travel lists such as the Master Ranking have been considered as promoting more superficial, quick trips that prioritise quantity over quality and promote a selfish, ego-boosting style of travel.

However part of our mission is to inspire travellers to go beyond the ordinary and obvious through deep, meaningful, and sustainable exploration.

We would especially like to thank our friend and UN Master from Denmark Henrik Jeppesen who was the one to initiate the idea of a way to focus on slow travel.

Deep, meaningful and sustainable exploration is only possible if you're not in a rush. So, we are proudly introducing our SLOW list which is a way to 'reward' those who travel slowly.

Read more details and fill your SLOW list here.

Tips for Responsible Travel

NomadMania is excited to establish a new partnership with the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), a global nonprofit organisation promoting responsible travel.

Passionate about transforming the way the world travels, its mission is to serve as a center of tourism knowledge, empowerment, and action for destination communities.

CREST has provided a comprehensive resource list of Responsible Travel Tips which you can read on our blog with additional pdf brochure

New Interview - Gunnar Garfors

Today, we feature UN Master Gunnar Garfors, who holds a number of Guinness World Records in travel and has the distinction of being the first person to visit every country in the world twice.

From travel world record holder to sustainable traveler, Gunnar is interviewed by our Sustainable Travel Committee member Billy Offland.

Q: So you’ve been to every country in the world twice, how has your purpose of why you travel changed since perhaps 50 or 60 countries in? 

A: Well, one thing about travelling to go to all these countries, or to go to every country, is that you’re setting yourself a goal - whether it is 100 countries or all of them. Once that’s done then you are just travelling back to wherever you want… unless of course you’re then going to do it twice. 

Full interview with Gunnar is available in text and video.

Meetup in Warsaw, Poland

Soon (July 28th) we are hosting a casual NomadMania Meetup in Warsaw

Special guest - Slawek Muturi, who also visited every country in the world twice. See all the details here and don't forget to register.

If you want to host a NomadMania meetup in your city, read this manual

Other Sustainable Travel Month Initiatives

1) Respond to our Sustainable Travel Survey poll before the end of July 26 (Wed). Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on those questions!

2) Join the Webinar on How to Travel Sustainably on July 29 (Saturday). The findings of the sustainable travel survey poll will be revealed and you can ask our panelists questions on sustainable travel topics.


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