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House price hikes, road closures and more ways to get your bargain groceries

It was to be expected when Londoners realised they didn't have to pay extortionate rents to work in the comfort of their own home. Some have even realised that they can get a 4 bedroom house on the outskirts of Canterbury for the same price as their London sweatbox. This has caused a 4% hike in property prices throughout Canterbury, which is ~£13,000.

If you rely on the Blean road (A290) to get to and from Canterbury, you're going to have a tough winter. Road closures to help make it safer are coming into play over the next few months, so you might want to look at the Clowes Wood through Tyler Hill as a better option. That being said, it's not a bad thing these safety improvements are being made. Multiple deaths over the years and a frankly terrible road surface will have not been pleasant for locals.

With Aldi being an absolute hit in Wincheap when it replaced the old Habitat a few years ago, they're bringing another to the City! B&Q in Sturry is downsizing so Aldi is going to take over a section in the east of the building. Work is looking to start in 2021, and completed by the end of that year.

News from the week

A collection of the most important news across Canterbury this week.

Long awaited Aldi now has an opening date of December 2021

Kent Online

House prices in Canterbury up by 4% as Londoners move out

Kent Online

A290 connecting Whitstable to Canterbury undergoing works

It will be closed until December

50,000 extra seats on the South Eastern train routes

Staring Monday 7th September

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Friday 11th September
The Beaney is reopening! With COVID safe measures put in place, the arts venue is opening up. Book a place here.

In the community

Updates on what's going on in the community and for the community.

Canterbury Festival is back

A reimagined festival will be back from the 17-31 October.

But the food festival is cancelled

Sad news for food lovers indeed, Dane John will not be filling our bellies.

Sun Street Feast impresses local

Blogger Rachel Phipps is back in Canterbury eating at the Sun Street Feast.

Marlowe Theatre opens for first time in 6 months

Great news for everyone involved, but sadly no panto...

Sports Update

US Scholarships for Canterbury's brightest stars

Canterbury Tennis club has done an incredible job with their youth team. Youngsters such as Tiegan Aitken and Alex De Souza have been scouted for a scholarship place in the states.

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Kent Cricket looking to cut 20% of staff

As another victim of the 2020 pandemic, Kent Cricket, based in Canterbury are at the risk of a large set of redundancies.

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