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There's nothing harder than getting out of a dark place.

Let's be real about it. It takes time, tears, and a huge load of self-realization to get out of a depressive episode. 

We've all been there and we've all gotten out at some point (I hope!). 

I recently found myself in such a place and it really felt like nothing could pull me out of it. All I could see was a future of feeling...shitty.

I somehow powered through one day at a time. But the biggest catalyst for me was when I created a story about the reason why I landed in a dark place.

See, it wasn't enough that I had to move countries, sell everything I own, and go back to being a student...I had to also end up pregnant at the same time.

BOOM. Hello Dark Place.

Nothing about it made sense to me, and it just became this overwhelming thing that I couldn't handle. And while many would welcome such news, it hit me especially hard mentally (ok I won't lie, it's a pain in the ass physically as well). 

Until I created a story about it.

See, if there's one thing we're all good at, it's assigning a reason behind an event - we want to attribute a reason to why everything happens to feel some sort of peace of mind. Especially when unexpected things happen.

So after many meltdowns and days spent crying, I said this to myself:

The reason this happened RIGHT NOW, alongside all of the massive changes we've undergone, is because he/she did not want us to start a new life, a new adventure, without them. 

Because I'm a person that believes things happen for a reason, I have to believe that this is why. It might sound silly, but it makes me feel better about the timing of it all. 

So if you're going through a really hard time, and you're in a dark place, try to find a narrative that goes around it. It will change your perspective, and make it just a tiny bit more bearable if that's even possible.

I'm right here with you. 

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