Melville Residents' Association: Land Use & Liquor Portfolio

Dear Melville Community,

The Melville Residents' Association and specifically its MSI (Melville Security Initiative), Landuse and Liquor Portfolio committees require your urgent attention to escalate matters relating to public safety, health and safety, security, compliance to landuse bylaws and liquor laws in Melville.

This endeavour follows on the petition that more than 800 individuals signed for general by-law enforcement and which lead to a number of raids in Melville.

However, the past couple of weeks have been extremely challenging for a great number of our residents and also our businesses that wish to comply.

To escalate the already lodged complaint, we need everyone affected to also lodge a complaint in support of the current process. The specific venues of concern are Ideal Cafe, Cappello, and Stones. According to information neither Ideal Cafe, nor Cappello has the necessary consent use to host live events, to have DJs or to operate any type of "place of amusement".

If you have experienced any nuisance originating from these venues please complete a form and send to the relevant authorities. See the draft complaint forms and adjust to suit your specific complaint.

For Landuse for all establishments, reasons can be no consent use for live entertainment, music events, etc. Despite the fact that Stones has a consent use, their trading hours are unacceptable (till 4 am) in a residential neighbourhood.

As for the other two establishments, their operations lead to excessive noise, drinking in public, and general disturbance and antisocial behaviour.

For Liquor Board (licence Numbers appear after the relevant name) the main reason will be that though a restaurant licence has been issued, Ideal Cafe (GAU 101904) runs a night club, with consumption of liquor off their premises and into the street with antisocial behaviour as a result.

In respect of Cappello (GAU 101199), no liquor licence is displayed, no liquor licence has been issued in their name as far as could be established, and if a licence transfer has been granted by the Liquor Board, the licence linked to the premises are for a pub while they run it as a night club with live entertainment, excessive noise and antisocial behaviour.

The latter is also applicable to Stones (GAU 100880) with both these establishments' patrons using different parking lots (council and private) to drink in public and have boot parties. 

The addresses are the following:

  • Ideal Cafe is 83 4th Avenue, Melville and the Erf No. is 427, Melville
  • Cappello is 12 Main Road, Melville and the Erf No. RE/318, Melville
  • Stones is 30 3rd Avenue (7 Main Road), Melville and the Erf No. is 960, Melville.


MRA Liquor Portfolio
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