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  • BSA Safety Moment- Hypothermia
  • Winter Program
  • OA Corner
  • Amazon Smile
  • Wood Badge
  • Summer Camp 2021
  • Shooting Sports Day
  • Silent Auction
  • Solar Fundraising Opportunity
  • Christmas Lights Needed
  • Thanksgiving & Scout Shop Announcement
  • And more national news....

Scouting in Connecticut

BSA Safety Moment

Hypothermia is an abnormally low body temperature that is dangerous, and potentially fatal if not properly cared for. Hypothermia most often occurs when individuals are exposed to extremely cold temperatures for extended periods of time. However, it can also occur in warmer environments in situations such as wearing wet clothing in windy conditions, becoming chilled from being in the rain for an extended period, or submersion in cold water. Sweating leads to wet clothing, which increases the possibility of becoming chilled. Dressing in layers that are easy to put on or take off will help you to avoid becoming chilled, or becoming too warm and sweating heavily in your clothes. Planning is essential before a trek or outing to make sure you are prepared for possible changes in environmental conditions.

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Winter Program
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OA Corner

The Lodge is excited to announce that we have rescheduled our Fall Fellowship to a Virtual Fall Fellowship that will take place on Friday, Dec 4 (7:30pm-9:00pm) and Saturday, Dec 5 (1:00pm-430pm). Though we could not do this in person, we have a great lineup of activities for the event.  For the event guide click HERE!

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Wood Badge

Wood Badge is advanced Scout leader training that began in 1919 by Lord Baden-Powell, founder of Scouting and Wood Badge’s first director. It came to America in 1948 and has been updated to reflect current BSA policies and programs. Incorporating the best techniques available, Wood Badge has become the most advanced leadership training course in Scouting!  For leaders at all levels! Join us for the next course Spring 2021.  Click the button below for more details. 

Wood Badge Information
Scouting for Food

For many communities, this annual service project is around the corner.  To be flexible, we have created a Scouting for Food landing page.  It's complete with Scouting for Food Bag request forms, how to's, report card, service hour reporting, and much more. Units that fill out the report card will get featured on our Council's Facebook page. Check it out in the link below. 

Scouting for Food
Camp 2021

Whose ready to turn the page on 2020?  In Connecticut Rivers Council we are working diligently to provide a safe and fun experience at our summer camps for 2021.  From hiring staff, developing program, and creating a safe environment we will be ready. 

2021 Scout BSA Camp Eletronic Brochure
Silent Auction
Christmas Lights Needed

This year as we strive to continue family program we will be doing a Christmas lights drive through special at our camps.  To do this we need thousands of lights.  We are looking for workable Christmas lights.  So if you recently cleaned out the attic, downsized, or just bought new lights please consider donating your set to us.  Drop off at Camp Mattatuck, JNW Scout Reservation, or the office during Scout Shop hours.  At camp please drop off the lights at the ranger stations.  The contact is

From our Family to Yours

We hope everyone has a safe and joyous Thanksgiving! Please note both the Scout Shop and our office will be closed on Thursday and Friday.  The Scout Shop will resume their hours on Saturday.

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