Hello, !

Are you ready for our coffee date?

Me too!

Yesterday was Day 1 of the blogging event I told you about on Friday.

It was held in Newport Beach, California,

and I knew it would be awesome because...

Pete and Heather Reese are amazing!

But I didn't expect there to be a special angel present (in spirit).

The event started out with breakfast and then we got right to work on introductions. 

Each attendee stood, said hello, gave us their name, and shared a little about their blog.

They also shared what they were hoping to get out of the event.

It was fun to learn about everyone and to giggle as we shook our heads yes when they shared a similar story or blogging challenge. (As I said, this is hard work!).

When we got to our table, a lady stood up and introduced herself as Marilyn.

Marilyn told us about life with her husband and her blog,

and just when we thought she was finished, she paused and added,

"And I'd like to tell you about my bracelet." 

(That may not have been her exact wording, but something like that).

She lifted up her sleeve and pointed out the letters N-E-G-U on her bracelet.

My goosebumps arrived instantly.

As she said it out loud, I mouthed the words, "Never Ever Give Up",

and then I whispered, "Jessie".

Jessica Joy Rees aka "Jessie" was one of the first children I followed on Facebook

who had cancer. :(

Jessie's cancer was "big", but her spirit was bigger!

For the rest of her short life, she did something very special. 

She started creating JoyJars® for terminally ill children in hospitals

and was the first one to coin the term “NEGU®


The Jessie Rees Foundation was founded in 2011,

and as of 2019, the foundation had delivered over 300,000 JoyJars®!

They also support families of ill children in other ways. 

The Rees Family honors the memory of "their" Jessie every single day...

So special!

Marilyn and I were meant to meet yesterday.

We chatted a bit during break and she told me she was Jessie's great aunt.

She said she wasn't planning on sharing her bracelet during her introduction, 

but for some reason she did. 

Jessie was definitely with us in spirit.

I love that!

And I love that I was reminded of Jessie's sunshine, spirit, and giving heart.

What an amazing young lady.

NEF (Never Ever Forgotten). 

If you'd like to know more about the Jessie Rees Foundation,

You can visit https://negu.org


Something to think about:

It's hard "not" to scroll by posts on Facebook showing sick children...

It really is...

But it means the world to their families when you stop and show a little TLC.

Have a great Sunday, , and may your day be BLESSED!

I'm off to Day 2 of the Blogging Event!


I'll see you on Wednesday! :)



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