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2023 Holiday Newsletter

Hello Tiger Family and Friends!

To our Tigers, family and friends this is a time to come together and celebrate the traditions that we hold dear.  Due to all of the current challenges this might not seem possible.  One way that served our Tigers when they were in CBI was to focus on what they did have.  They created many things from nothing.  They shared what was available then enjoyed the fruits of their labor with hearts of gratitude. 

The Board of Directors 69th DRS Association, Inc.

We are in the celebration of Hanukkah.  Eight days when Jewish people worldwide come together in faith to recite prayers extolling God for performing miracles. We all pray that there are miracles this season.

Christmas will soon be here. This is a special time for Christians. The birth of Jesus Christ their savior.  Both holidays are filled with gift giving, food, music and prayer.  May all the prayers spoken be heard to bring about Peace, Respect, and Love for All. 

Heart-to-Heart Connections

with Tigers & Moms

We currently have only five Tigers that we have found.  We encourage you to take a few minutes of your time to let them know you are thinking of them.  Here is the list of the Tigers, their wives and widows.  Receiving a notes often reminds them of what they did for us. 

This also tells them how much we appreciate exactly what they did in CBI and what was done this year.  To Mel McMullen and Harry Moyer with the support of Jeff Green, they wrote a letter to Xi Jinping.  Their words expressed the importance of the relationship from person to person for both of our countries.  It was well received and has opened dialogue.  Harry was invited to meet with President Xi when he visited our country. Thank you to you both for opening your hearts… WELL DONE!   Link to the meeting: 

Marty & Shirley Oxenburg 69th DRS

Mel & Jennifer McMullen (Mel, CBI WWII Gunner, Jennifer, ’Rosie The Riveter‘)

Joe & Antoinette Li (3rd Combat Cargo CBI – China)

Wing & Dorothy Lai (Wing 555 Air Service Squadron - Dorothy USO )

Harry Moyer (23rd Fighter Group CBI)

69th Mothers –

Nancy Levitt

Billie Meaders

Maria Wenc

Eva Wechtaluk

New WWII CBI Museum

There is a new facility in India that displays artifacts of the CBI theater.  It acknowledges the American pilots and their crews who lost their lives and the vital part the Indian people played then and now.

Thanks Jody Heiner Marcon for sharing this info!  If you hear of any news please let me know.  Also check our website for blog post and other types of updates.

Health & Wellness Updates

At this writing all of our Tiger Pride Elders are in good health.  Prayers that they remain that way and enjoy blessings of life each day.

Black Border 

We have had several Tiger Pride members pass this year.  To each of their families we send our prayers, support and love to their hearts to feel peace.  

Marie Marrongelli 

End of the Year Sharing

Donations are for any of the these areas: the general operating fund, our documentary 'The Forgotten War' history project and/or the Marty Oxenburg scholarship fund.  When you have made a selection kindly click the button below to use Paypal or credit card.  If you prefer to send a check, indicate in the memo line which area you wish to support.   Make the check pyable to:  Flying Tigers 69th DRS Association, Inc.  Send it to: Susan Makris, 6548 Orland Street, Falls Church, VA 22043-1814

The Marty Oxenburg Fund to honor him for founding the 69th DRS Buddies Association.  This is totally funded by donations. The other fund is The Doris Van Tanner Tursky Fund endowed by Hank Tursky Trust to honor is late wife Doris. To view past winners and their applications go to our website under the “Honor” tab.  Each tells the story of their Flying Tiger.  We are so pleased to be able to assist our youth to achieve their educational goals.  They continue the legacy that their forbears started so many years ago.  


In the spirit of the season and charitable sharing it is the perfect time to make you last donations or pay your dues for 2024!  Which ever or both we are exceedingly appreciate of your generosity!  


If you have any time and would like to carry our precious legacy forward.  please contact one of our board members.  They will assist you in becoming one of the team.  

Please be in touch with our board members listed below.  We so appreciate hearing from each of you.  Spread the word to your friends and family.

Until next time... count your blessings...

Days of peace and joy to ALL….

Here is to 2024 - be filled with health, possibilities, & dreams!

Your board…

BE WELL and  ‘fly safe’ ….Ding Hao!


Charlene Fontaine, Executive Director,

Board Members

Susan Makris President

Dave Lebisky Secretary

Ron Stukey Reunion

Bill Finkelstein, acting Treasurer

Flying Tigers 69th DRS Association


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