Dear Friends: In my last email I shared with you how to dismantle viruses.  In this email I want to share how easy it is to create a zapper to do this.  The target is not limited to viruses.  Bad bacteria, fungi, worms, parasites, candida and most pathogens are included.

Material List:

A square 9 volt battery with a clip  (Energy source)

2 bolts 3/8" by 4" long,  2 wire nuts, and 4 washers  (Probes)

8 feet of flexible 18 gauge wire, 4 feet for each probe  (Leads)

2 grey wire nuts to connect the flexible wire to the battery clip wires.

Notice the red wire. The white wire connected to it is 4 feet long and connects to the probe.

Add a 4 foot piece of white wire to the black wire using a grey wire nut. remember to strip back about 1/2 inch of the plastic wire cover.  The grey wire nut joints copper wire to copper wire.

This zapper is active when you clip on the battery AND you are holding the probes with a wet paper towel.  To turn off the unit you simply keep the probes separated in glass dish.  The battery will drain with use but not in the dish.  Test the battery by touching the probes to opposite sides of your tongue.  If you feel a tingle, the battery is still good.

This unit will flow electrons through your body and dismantles viruses where you flow the electrons.  I appended the email of three days ago because it has the protocols.

Be Peaceful


PS If you don't want to make one, I have zappers on sale for $108 with free shipping.  You will find a link on the landing page.


March 13th Email

My dear friends:
By flowing electrons through your body you disrupt the signaling protocol that viruses use to access receptor sites on the cell membrane. They can't get in to replicate themselves or destroy the cell. It is like raising the draw bridge to the castle.

Back in 2007 a Real Estate friend of mine shared with me her experience of dismantling a virus with her EarthTides device.  She worked in the same office with 9 other realtors.  The flu season that year was notable.  Probably not as notable as 2017 when 80,000 people died from the flu in the United States over a 3 month period of time.  However, all 10 realtors got sick in one afternoon and the owner sent everyone home.  My friend used her frequency generator that evening three times and the following day felt fine and went to work.

5 to 7 days later the rest of the crew showed up.

Here are 4 steps describing how to use a frequency generator to dismantle viruses.
1. Wrap the probes with two layers of a paper towel and wet them well.
2. Put them under your arms for 15 to 20 minutes moving them slightly from time to time to avoid irritation to the skin.
3. Move the probes up and down your neck from your shoulders to the tops of your ears for 15 - 20 minutes.
4. Put one probe on your tummy and the other on your back for 15 to 20 minutes.  Move them a bit, side to side to avoid irritation.

Feel free to forward this email and instructions.

Call or text me if you want to know more about dismantling viruses, fungi and other pathogens or get details on how to acquire a frequency generator.

Love, Prosperity and Health

Christopher Cody | 2701 N 7th St, Phoenix
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