Akhanda Bhajans, Swami's Birthday Celebrations, Food Parcels for Croatia

Announcements 3rd November 2018

"The message of the Avatar must be born, must become alive, must grow in you, your heart. That is the birthday, you have to celebrate. Celebrate the Avatar's Birthday in your own village. You need not travel long distances to where I physically am. Plant the seeds of Love in your hearts, let them grow into trees of service and shower the sweet fruits of Aanandha. Share the Aanandha with all. That is the proper way to celebrate the Birthday."  Sathya Sai Baba

Dear Vinodbhai

Jai Sai Ram!  As Swami reminds us there are many ways in which we can celebrate Swami's Birthday (remembering God, offering service and spreading love).  So please take this chance to make this Birthday month of November as special as possible by participating in the activities below. As always, please send us any feedback about this email or our events by emailing us at info@leicestersaicentre.org.

Satsang with Sri Sai Sharavanam

We have a wonderful opportunity this Sunday 4th November at Soar Valley College (9am - 12pm) in Leicester, to listen to a very talented young speaker named Sri Sai Shravanam.  Sri Sai Shravanam is an extremely dedicated and humble servant of our Lord, who has abundantly blessed him with great proximity. Sri Sai Shravanam, is also a renowned musician, sound designer and producer in the Indian film industry.

Akhanda Bhajans ~ Sing for Harmony

We are all familiar with Akhanda Bhajans, but let us remind ourselves of what Swami has said about Akhanda Bhajans and its significance:

"You are most fortunate to participate in this Akhanda Bhajan. This is a great opportunity. Do not lose the opportunity of participating in the Bhajan. If only you make good use of it, your life will be sanctified. The global Akhanda Bhajan is held only for this purpose every year. 

Akhanda Bhajan involves constant contemplation on God in the morning, evening or even during the night time.

The recitation of the names of the Lord will help to purify the atmosphere as a result of the sacred sound waves getting absorbed in the atmosphere. The atmosphere that has been polluted by impure sound waves can be purified by the chanting of the Divine Name."

So join us from 12:30pm on Saturday 10th November to 12:30pm on Sunday 11th November at the Lohana Hall (Ram Mandir), Hildyard Road, Leicester, LE4 5GG to sing the Glory of God.  We are fortunate, once again, to have other faith groups join us during the 24 hours so that together, we can all spread the positive vibrations of Akhanda Bhajans into our community. 

Swami's Birthday Celebrations

We will be celebrating Swami's Birthday on Friday 23rd November from 7:30pm - 10:00pm at the Lohana Hall (Ram Mandir), Hildyard Road, Leicester, LE4 5GG.

We are delighted to have Smt. Roopa Panesar and musicians join us to offer a special musical performance to mark Swami's Birthday. Roopa is considered one of the finest sitar players in the UK and has performed all over the world.  She has also had the opportunity to play in Prashanti Niliyam on a number of occasions including a performance in Swami's physical presence.

So please join us for an evening of beautiful bhajans, music and celebrations.

Food Parcels for Croatia

We are collecting food items for our annual "Food Parcels to Croatia" project. A full list of items required is available at the information desk at the centre.  After packing these essential food items into boxes, they are taken directly to those who are in desperate need for food and other provisions in Croatia.

Please remember to practice Swami's teachings on Ceiling on Desires as part of this service opportunity. 

Taking Swami's Birthday to the Homeless

This year, our committee has decided to celebrate Swami's Birthday with a special Birthday Party for the guests of The Bridge. Many homeless people or people in need do not celebrate their Birthday and it is often forgotten.  So on Sunday 18th November at The Bridge we will be hosting a Birthday Party to celebrate all the forgotten Birthday's of the guests of The Bridge. On the day we will have a special meal, games and of course cake for all the guests.  We are also planning on giving each guest a Birthday present and if you would like to contribute towards that please see one of our service coordinators or email us at info@leicestersaicentre.org

Sunday Workshops and Speakers

Every Sunday after bhajans we try to organise a workshop, study circle or have a guest speaker (when we don't have a special programme planned as listed above).  These normally take place in the main hall. Here are the dates for some of these:

  • Sunday 18th November - Parent's Study Circle
  • Sunday 25th November - Study Circle

Sathya Sai Centre of Leicester