Imagine travelling from Egypt to Japan without boarding a single flight. Sounds like a real adventure, right? That's exactly what Omar Nok, a passionate Egyptian traveller is doing.

In this interview, Omar shares his unique experiences of travelling overland and navigating the globe with two passports (Egyptian and German).

Q: How do you navigate the complexities of travelling with two passports?

OMAR: The country I plan to visit dictates which passport I use. For instance, as an Egyptian, I don’t need a visa for Jordan or Iran, unlike German passport holders. So, I choose the passport that ensures the most seamless travel experience for my destination. 

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Join us in welcoming Cassie, our newest team member! With 8 years in digital marketing, a love for design, photography, travel, and a "Lord of the Rings" enthusiast, Cassie, who hails from Malaysia, is thrilled to blend her passion and expertise with the NomadMania team.

"Not all those who wander are lost," and Cassie is here to prove just that. Welcome aboard, Cassie!

Bangkok Event Recap

A huge thanks to everyone who attended our recent event in Bangkok. Special thanks to Ric Gazarian and our Managing Partner, Orest Zub, for their captivating stories from Libya and Ukraine, bringing unique insights and fostering a deeper understanding of travel's impact.

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March 01, San Francisco area 🇺🇸 NomadMania Meeting in the Bay area.

Lucy Hsu is hosting a travel gathering with our founder, Harry Mitsidis, as a special guest. More details to be announced soon.


March 09, Shanghai 🇨🇳 Exciting Travel Destinations of 2024

Our first-ever event in China, hosted by Eugenio Bregolat and Katherine Wei.


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