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Cybersecurity Biweekly Newsletter - May 31st, 2017

British Airways says some service returning after IT outage, cancellations

British Airways canceled all Saturday flights from London's two biggest airports after "a major IT system failure" caused severe disruption to flight operations worldwide. Travelers in the United Kingdom were reporting disruptions, including baggage and flight delays, when the airline reported serious computer problems around midday. The system outage -- on Britain's spring bank holiday weekend -- affected their call centers and website. It caused huge inconvenience and frustration among travelers that day who were stuck at the airport for hours! 


Best Cybersecurity Investment You Can Make Is Better Training

As the scale and complexity of the cyber threat landscape is revealed, so too is the general lack of cybersecurity readiness in organizations, even those that spend hundreds of millions of dollars on state-of-the-art technology. Spending millions on security technology can certainly make an executive feel safe. But the major sources of cyber threats aren’t technological. They’re found in the human brain, in the form of curiosity, ignorance, apathy, and hubris. These human forms of malware can be present in any organization and are every bit as dangerous as threats delivered through malicious code.


New EternalBlue threat proves cybersecurity review is a must

The discovery of the EternalBlue ransomware variant has left many healthcare organizations re-evaluating security procedures to avoid falling victim to the spread of these kind of virus cyberattack and to more cyberattacks in the future. What can organisations do to avoid becoming the victim of a cyberattack? Find out in detail here.


Cyber Insurance discussion at SF-ISSA incident response workshop 2017. Sanjay Deo, President of 24By7Security, Inc. and Michael Brown, Manager at 24By7Security, Inc. hosted an incident response workshop at the SF-ISSA conference on March 10, 2017. There were questions raised on cyber insurance. This video is a summary of those discussions.

In this world of rising cyber crime, have you assessed your security levels? Are you safe if or when you suffer a breach? Is your confidential data safe? Is your network secure? Don’t wait for a disaster to interrupt your business… be prepared now! Call 24By7Security, Inc for a security risk assessment today... at (844) 55-CYBER or visit our web site at

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What Infragard can do for You and Your Company - June 7 @ 8:30 am - June 23 @ 12:00 pm

Sanjay Deo, President of 24By7Security, is a sector chief of technology for Infragard South Florida chapter and 24By7Security is sponsoring this informative event at Nova Southeastern University.

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HackmiamiCon V update on Cybersecurity Regulations & Standards - June 10 @ 1:00 pm

Michael Brown of  24By7Security will make a presentation providing an update on Cybersecurity Regulations and Standards at Broward County Main Library. 

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ISSA 2017 International Conference - Oct 9 - 11, 2017

Michael Brown of 24By7Security, Inc. will be speaking on Cyber Resilience at the ISSA 2017 International Conference being hosted at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina in San Diego, California.

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Data Connectors Fort Lauderdale Tech-Security Conference - Dec 14, 2017

24By7Security is pleased to sponsor the Data Connectors Fort Lauderdale Tech-Security Conference at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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