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Guyana Politics: APNU+AFC sees `carefully orchestrated plan’ to oust it

- PPP dismisses contention

By Stabroek News – July 26, 2020

The incumbent APNU+AFC today claimed that there was  “a carefully orchestrated plan to oust a legitimately elected government and to implement regime change”, a contention which has been dismissed by the PPP.

In a statement APNU+AFC also maintained that GECOM must not include alleged “fraudulent” votes in a final declaration.

A statement by APNU+AFC follows:          Continue reading →


USA: Sen. Tom Cotton calls slavery ‘necessary evil’ in attack on New York Times’ 1619 Project

  • Senator wants to ‘save’ US history from New York Times

Tom Cotton speaks at a press conference in Washington.

Tom Cotton speaks at a press conference in Washington. 

Bryan Armen Graham @bryanagraham – Published onSun 26 Jul 2020  – The Guardian

The Arkansas Republican senator Tom Cotton has called the enslavement of millions of African people “the necessary evil upon which the union was built”.Cotton, widely seen as a possible presidential candidate in 2024, made the comment in an interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette published on Sunday.    

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Owen Arthur: Longest Serving Prime Minister of Barbados passes- age 70

Owen Arthur

Stabroek News July 27, 2020

(Barbados Nation) From humble beginnings in St Peter, Owen Seymour Arthur, who passed away yesterday,  rose to lead Barbados during one of its most turbulent times, serving as Prime Minister from 1994 to 2008.

After Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford fell via a no-confidence motion and then announced an election in 1994, Arthur rallied the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) faithful to take the reins of power.

He went on to also win the General Elections of 1999 and 2003. His tenure remains the longest among Barbadian Prime Ministers and he was the fifth to hold that office, handling the portfolio of Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs.      Continue reading →


COVID-19: Why the World Worries About the Virus 2.0 Nuclear Option – Bloomberg

Flavia Krause-Jackson – 25 July 2020 – Bloomberg.

Even as the world continues to battle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, several countries, where the daily growth of new infections has reduced, are beginning to take tentative steps to ease lockdown measures in order to allow citizens to move freely for the first time in weeks and to revive the economy..

(Bloomberg) — Shuttering businesses, grounding airlines and ordering people to stay home was hard enough the first time. The thought of having to do it all over again is something world leaders don’t want to even contemplate…. “The Virus 2.0 Nuclear Option.”       ..   Continue reading →


TRAVEL: Why Recreational Vehicle (RV) Sales Are Growing – CNBC News


TRAVEL: Why Recreational Vehicle (RV) Sales Are Growing

July 24, 2020 – CNBC News – The Coronavirus has speeded up sales this year

In the years that followed the financial crisis, sales of RVs began booming. Once considered a pretty dowdy way to travel, RVs have benefitted from slick industry ad campaigns, low gas prices, and a renewed interest among Americans of all ages.

Data indicate first-time buyers are pouring into RV dealerships and shows, looking for their own happy home on the road. But long-timers say new buyers need to do their research before buying, and understand what the RV life is really about.

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