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Blogging (or Social Media) isn't a quick,overnight win


 Today, I've got something for both bloggers and social media users (specifically Instagram).

For Bloggers: 

Just published a new post last night on the 10 Things you need to do in the first 3 months as a blogger.

It's a guided week by week roadmap on what you must focus on initially instead of getting overwhelmed by it all.

I promise you'd find some useful tips, even if you've been blogging for a while. :)

Hint: You need to be both patient and persistent if you'd like to see results.

FREE 1-Week Challenge by Kristie Hill:

On that note, if you'd like tips from an expert on how to grow your blog traffic using organic methods, I recommend joining the The Free 2020 Blogging Jumpstart Challenge that starts on Monday, 20th January. 

I already have :)

How to be Patient on Social Media

For Social Media Users:

This is particularly interesting for those on Instagram and currently the topic of discussion in my Instagram stories.

You can still catch all the buzz by clicking on this tab on my Instagram Profile.

Follow Loops: This has been a constant source of debate on and off Instagram and I figured I'd weigh in on this for everyone's benefit.

I'll add a detailed section on this to my free Instagram course soon, but in essence, here's what it means.

1. What are follow loops?
Follow loops are a group of participants who post the same picture on each of their profiles and ask people to follow all of them.

2. Why do people take part in loops?
For the sole purpose of gaining followers.

3. Do I recommend loops?
Honestly, I don't. And I emphasise this in my course too.

4. Why do so many people do loops?

I don't blame them. This is thanks to the push from brands who require that you have a certain number of followers in order to collaborate with them.

5. Then, why not do loops?

If your sole purpose is to gain followers, then yes, this method works great. It's a nice dopamine hit to see that follower count climbing.

There's another reason I don't recommend them and that is Instagram sees this as fake boosting of metrics and will shut your account down.

But, and here's the truth: How many of those followers will actually engage with your content? How many will enjoy what you post?

As always, what would you rather have? People who engage with you? Or followers who 'follow' you but mute your updates and unfollow you later?

6. Okay, so how DO I grow my followers then?

I'll add a detailed section to my Instagram course. I promise you'll love it! :)

I really am touched when people share how my tips help them and how they enjoy my newsletters. 

A special shout out to Chinks Pateliya who told me so on Instagram and Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma who gave me a glowing recommendation on Twitter.

THIS is the engagement that I truly, deeply cherish.

Until next week,


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