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Hi .

Just a quick reminder that our webinar toshowcase the updates to our Keyword Research tool is starting when the timer below hits zero.


We Also Have 2 FREE GIFTS For Attending The Webinar!

1.) A PDF Document With 118 Keywords (Min Search 10k, Min CPC $20).

We pulled these keywords from something we're naming our "Global Database" of keywords.  Every time a user of Keyword Supremacy does a keyword search, we actually store the data in one big ole database that contains almost 500 million keywords!  

And when this feature is ready, we are selling access to it for $997/year.

But we're gonna show you how to get it, and never have to pay a dime to us for it!

2.) FREE Access To Keyword Supremacy With Some Credits To Test It Out For Yourself.

We believe so strongly in our tool, we're going to give you credits just for attending the webinar, so you can test out what we show you for yourself, to see how good it actually is.

There's so much more that we are going to cover on the webinar, so make sure you register!

 We're also going to show you how to you can get full access to Keyword Supremacy as part of our $10k Bonus package for Chris & Jay's new $100k Shoutout / AmpFire software that just hit the market!

Thanks , we'll see you soon!

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