"If at first the idea is not absurd, then the there is no hope for it". 

- Albert Einstein


Increased urban biodiversity, temperature reduction, improved water cycles, and dramatically reduced car usage are imperative to counteracting climate change in our most densely populated areas (AKA: cities)


Swiss landscape architect Robin Winogrond describes one way to to drastically change our cities at "lightening speed and at large scale" *


"The Butterfly Highway ** is a conceptual yet realistic proposal to replace 10% of city streets with open soil - allowing for an ecological unfolding."


More parks, more gardens, more plants, more connectivity for slow mobility (like walking and biking), and did I already mention more plants?


I'm fascinated with the idea, the wonder, and promise. I can't wait to travel to these cities of the future! What about you? 


- Rochelle



*From "250 Things a Landscape Architect Should Know"


** Which is not the same as the NC state butterfly highway.



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