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eNewsletter - December 15, 2020

Gyroplane Flying podcast changes to live format

Dec. 22 interview with Skywheels Test Pilot Greg Bradley

Gyroplane Flying will host its first live podcast with listener interaction on Tuesday, December 22, starting at 5:00 PM central time.

According to podcast host Joe Covelli, "Skywheels test pilot Greg Bradley is fresh off the runway having recently completed flight tests of rotor blades. We'd like to share in an interactive way the latest information and invite audience questions".

Live Show Podcast:

Guest:  Skywheels Test Pilot Greg Bradley
Topic: Discussion about New Skywheels Rotor System Test Flights
When: Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Start Time: 5:00 PM central time
To Listen to the Live Show or Create a Reminder:  > click here
Audience Call-in Number:  646-668-8161

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Skywheels rotor blade tests are done. The data has been collected and the results are in. How did the rotor blades perform? Did they fly just like the original McCutchen Skywheels? What were their performance characteristics? How did the blades respond when being loaded with steep turns, doing a slow hover, or flying through thermals?

To get answers to these and other questions listen to the live show podcast and interact with test pilot Greg Bradley, and show host and Skywheels President Joe Covelli.

Greg has been flying a variety of gyroplane models for 35 years. This past summer and into the fall, he added flight hours on the new Skywheels blades and put them through their paces doing a variety of maneuvers and tests - even a 60-mile cross-country flight.

Following an 18-year production hiatus, Skywheels is back being manufactured again.  New rotor blades can be ordered now with deliveries planned to begin in January 2021.  > Click here for pricing.

Podcast Interview with Skywheels Founder Jim McCutchen Now Online

The podcast was posted December 7.  > Click here to listen now.

Jim McCutchen began manufacturing McCutchen Skywheels rotors in 1985. Following a successful run until 2001, his company manufactured 6,000 rotors. To put that into perspective, if you placed the rotor blades end-to-end, they would stretch 17-miles long. That's a lot of rotor blades! During his time of ownership, Jim did considerable research and testing.

Our podcast begins with an update from Skywheels President Joe Covelli. Joe details his goal of bringing Skywheels back into production. The primary goal was to match rotor blade manufacturing to the original McCutchen Skywheels, and its safety and performance characteristics.  According to Joe, "We came into this staying with the the exact same materials and process as the original McCutchen Skywheels rotors.  The two previous owners of Skywheels, Jim McCutchen and Jim Lezie, were instrumental in helping us make this happen".

The goal in matching performance between newly manufactured rotors and original McCutchen Skywheels was met in the summer and fall of 2020.  During test flights, two pilots both confirmed the new rotors flew the same and exhibited similar performance characteristics as the original rotor blades.

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New item! Rotor blade tie-down tip cover

Secure your rotors with this attractive Skywheels branded rotor blade tie-down tip cover "kit". Fits an 8" wide rotor blade chord. "Remove Before Flight" is stitched into the heavy-duty ribbon.

Kit includes:

  • Tie-down tip cover with heavy-duty ribbon and "D" ring.
  • Guyline rope in red/white color combination, 14-feet supplied.
  • An aluminum cord adjuster, color red.
  • Two rope clamps, color white.
  • Tip Cover Color:  Air Command red with white embroidery.

Price $86.75, plus shipping.

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