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Welcome to the second edition of our quarterly newsletter!  The purpose of this email is to keep you in the loop of what OTS has to offer as well as keeping you up-to-date on industry trends.  We think of ourselves as a virtual member of your office team, so it is our intention to stay connected!



*  What's new with OTS?

*  Article:  "Transcription Trends:  Small MTSOs Fight to Succeed"

*  A JAMA study on the dangers of speech recognition.

*  I Hope You Find This Humerus!

For the third year in a row, some of our staff had the opportunity to volunteer at a host site of the Global Leadership Summit in mid August.  The two-day event featured world-renowned authors and speakers such as John C. Maxwell and Craig Groeschel.  Under the theme, "Everyone has Influence", the GLS teaches in-depth methods of developing good stewardship of our influence for those who are called to be leaders.  Here are Randy and Tracie from our management team assisting at check-in.

Also, members of OTS will be attending a business conference in Nashville in early November.  After the conference is over, we'll have the opportunity to stop in and visit some of our regional clients.  If you are in the central Tennessee/northern Alabama area and want to set up a meeting, give us a call!  We'll bring the doughnuts!

Medical Transcription News

Transcription Trends:  Small MTSOs Fight to Succeed

"Accuracy is of prime concern no matter how the record is created," says Lee Ann Wilmot of Wilmot Transcription Plus+. "Someone's time is required for that. One former client is actually having their nurse practitioner review the speech-created documents, which I know for sure is more costly than using my staff. In my opinion, the most cost-effective and reliable person for that job, rather than the much higher paid physicians and other clinicians, is the health care documentation specialist."

Did You Know??

The JAMA has released a new study about the astonishing error rate in using speech recognition software as the only means of patient documentation.  There have been reports of physicians who are actually letting SR do all the work versus letting it be reviewed and edited by a medical transcriptionist.  The study concludes that SR generally has a 7% error rate!  That basically comes out to an incorrect word on every line of text.  Can you afford for your patients' records to have so many mistakes?  This is compared to a 0.4% error rate for a file reviewed by an MT.  For a closer look at this incredibly in-depth study, click the link below.

See the complete study at JAMAnetwork.com.

The day after I had surgery on my leg, a nurse came into my hospital room with a box in her hand.

"Are you ready for this?"

"What is it?" I asked.

"Fleet enema.  Didn't your doctor tell you about it?"


She rechecked the orders.  "Whoa!  Is says 'feet elevated'!"

(True story reported by a patient!)

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