Dear Friends:  We are far beyond whatever we think and in this freedom we find health.

We have messengers that come into our lives...and not by accident. We send for them at some level awake or asleep.

One such angel crossed my path and he shared with me a barrage of information of which I was able to filter out some pieces that have been serving me very well over the past 2 -3 weeks.  My energy levels have rocketed. I am rising up early...easily and having fun in work and play.  Unresourceful thoughts and emotions distract me no longer. They simply fall away.  It seems to me I am giving an inordinate amount of credit to the message, especially when you recognize the simplicity.

Boil water in a 7 - 10 quart pot without salt.  Don't use a lid.  As the water  begins to boil, set the timer for 10 minutes and slowly add yellow squash, zuccinni, cabbage, chard, brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale... whatever you want.  Some things you add early and some you add later depending on the cooking time of your choices. Add just enough vegetables at a time to keep the water boiling.  If vegetables get cooked early, pull them out.  When the timer finishes, drain off the water down the sink, and enjoy your vegetables with olive oil, butter, salt, spices or whatever you want. 

As the story goes, the boiling water creates a surface barrier on the vegetables which protects the enzymes, vitamins and minerals which leaves them in a very absorbable state.  Keep me in the loop.

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