March 29, 2022

Sermon On The Mount

A Stress-Free Life

How Much Is Enough

As we continue in Matthew 6, Jesus tells us how to focus our priorities. We are reminded that all of our worldly possessions are just temporary. In a world that tells us the more we have the more successful we will be, Jesus reminds us that He is enough.  When we seek what's important to God (loving Him, loving others, sharing Him, tec.), we are proving by our actions what we treasure the most. 

Walking in the Light

Matthew 6: 22 tells us the eye is the lamp of the body. If your eye is working properly and is healthy then you can see. What we focus on will "come in" and either fill us with light or darkness. When we seek Jesus and worship Him we will be full of light and can walk in it. 

We can seek God's kingdom first in many ways:

  • Give God the first of your day by daily devotions.
  • Give God the first of your week by gathering with other believers and worshiping. 
  • Give God the first of your month by serving others. 

Choose not to worry today. Look to God for relief. 

But Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you. 
Matthew 6:33


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