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Edition 35 - June 2017

Catch up with Children of the Light (CotL) at their new location!

We held our first classes at the CotL Learning Centre on 20 May 2017. It has been a delight to see and hear the children's excitement as they come to the centre for classes. The journey has been long and we still have a way to go, but what is amazing is that we are finally in our own building. To God be the glory!

Special thanks to ALL who made this move possible. God bless you!

Meeting former President John Kufuor...

Jeanette Opoku had the honour to meet Ghana's former President, John Kufour. During this meeting, she was able to share with Mr. Kufour about the work that CotL is doing for children in Ghana. Special thanks to the Australian High Commissioner, Andrew Barnes and his wife, Teresa Barnes, for organising the meeting.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank a few organisations. CotL would like to offer their thanks to the Australian High Commission, Ghana, for all they did to help us take a mighty step toward moving into the centre. Every year they hold a charity event called the Melbourne Cup Charity Dinner. For the 2016 event, they chose Children of the Light. Through this, we received a donation that enabled us to continue work at the site and move in. We also thank the Support Group of the Swiss Tropical Public and Health Institute, Switzerland, Frist Love Foundation, USA, Steinhovden Skule, Norway, and Lifeline Insurance Sevices Ltd., Ghana, for their generous donations.  These donations all helped us with the big move.  

May God continue to bless you all!


This is our theme for this year's Reading Month. Throughout this month the pages that the children read or that have been read to them are tallied. The aim for each child is to score the most pages! At our grand finale on Saturday, 8 July, all participants will have entry to the CotL banquet. Here a delicious meal will be served, winners will be announced, prizes given, and every child will take home a special gift pack. We welcome any donation in cash, or in kind for the grand finale. All donations will be greatly appreciated!

As the children are many, we are presently in need of volunteers to come along and read to or listen to children read. We have found that events like this help get children loving books.  Thank you, Esther Singh, for coming along last Saturday to volunteer.  

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” ― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

Quality Education for Everyone!

This is the sad truth! - The Ghana 2013 National Education Assessment (NEA) has indicated that for Primary 6, only 9.9% of the pupils reached the NEA definition of proficiency (i.e., achieved greater than or equal to 55% correct) in both maths and English. ~ Ghana 2013 National Education Assessment - Technical Report May 2014 - p. 42 ~:

Quality Education for Everyone! This was the theme for our recent walkathon. It was a great success! We had a great turnout and everyone ended the walk strong at the final point, the CotL Learning Centre. Here everyone gathered to share a refreshment and relax from the long walk. CotL would like to extend a special thank you to ALL who supported.

The Green Belt Movement at Children of the Light...

As a part of our 2017 Earth Day celebrations on 22 April, the children learned about Mama Miti (Wangari Muta Maathai). Not only did they learn and make outstanding projects about this wonderful Kenyan woman, they followed in her steps and planted a row of trees down on CotL's land.  We love you Mama Miti!

In addition to the previously stated event, CotL also celebrated World Water day on 21 March. During the weeks prior to the day, we focused on the importance of keeping our water bodies clean. In observation of the day, the children were able to put their lessons to practice by participating in a clean-up exercise.

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”
― Thomas Fuller

Since it has been so long...

CotL wants to highlight a few of the events that have taken place since our last newsletter. Back in December, we had our Christmas events. SHOPRITE in Ghana played a huge part in making it all happen. We say, "Thank you SHOPRITE!"  Thank you also to Robin and Esther Hagan, for the beautiful donation of school/art supplies and Christmas gifts for the children. God bless you!

On the 1st of April, our Math competition was held. The children studied and prepared hard, making it an extremely competitive competition. Thank you to Margot Rutten-Clasessens, Nito van der Grinten, Daniella and all who donated such beautiful prizes. This enabled us to present a gift pack to all of the participants. Blessings abound!


On a final note, we would like to again say thank you to First Love Foundation, USA and all who contributed to the donation of 2 barrels and a large box packed with books and school/art supplies.

Thanks also to TOP CHOCO, Ghana, Britanica Biscuits, Ghana, Lincoln-Maya Ltd., Ghana, Rida Cup South, Ghana, Extra Mile West Africa, Hosanna Trust, NZ, Lynfield College students and staff, NZ, and all individuals that have helped us get this far. Without your support, all of this would not have been possible! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


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