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Mar Cheshvan 5780 Edition 39

New Feature: Exporting Profile to Share on WhatsAPP

We are happy to announce a new feature which enables you to export your profile as a PDF, if you wish to share it for example via WhatsAPP. Just click the Profile as PDF button and the profile will show up, without your contact details. Simply save it and you can then share it via WhatsAPP.

Igros: Relying on Elders

Igros Kodesh, Vol. VII, p. 291

It would be a good idea for you to check the mezuzos in your bedroom, as well as to check your tefillin. Also, you should occupy yourself with due diligence and energy regarding finding a shidduch, so too with regard to your business.

With regard to the first matter, [i.e., with regard to a shidduch] — as I have already written to you in the past — do not be overly finicky.

You may also comfortably rely on the elders of Anash sheyichyu, particularly, as they are older, seeing as the verse states that “the multitude of years makes known wisdom.”1

This is especially so, since they can look at the matter objectively, while the individual who is personally involved may sometimes only view the matter subjectively.

Need for Shidduch Hishtadlus

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