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As we all navigate this uncharted territory together, we can be certain of a few things:

  1. Our usual routine of self-care and support will  probably go by the wayside!
  2. We are going to feel a wide range of emotions – they may change minute to minute.
  3. We may be uncertain of how to stay healthy and what are the best choices to make in the short term.

Many of you who have used our services know the benefit of the work with do – including our treatments, our recommendations and the counsel we provide!

With this in mind, we have opened up our schedule and are offering tele-health visits for you, our patients at NO COST.

Here are a few ways you can utilize these tele-health visit:

  • Continue the rapport you have established with your acupuncturist or CST therapist.
  • Talk through any questions and concerns you have around your physical and emotional health and keeping your immune system strong.
  • Navigate next steps in your home treatment strategy while away from our clinic.

It is our goal to support you in staying healthy and well (physically and emotionally) and to help as many people in our community as we can!

If you would like to speak with one of us, please call the office - 248-737-7126 - during normal business hours to schedule your tele-health visit!

Julie, Monica, Julie, Karen, Kat and Jennifer!

Complimentary Tele-Health Visits
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