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How Character Strengths help you Manage Behaviour - November Newsletter

Berry Street is a specialist independent secondary school in Victoria, which specialises in working with students who have experienced trauma. The Principal - Ms Alford, spoke at a conference I attended last year - back when we could do these things face to face!

Ms Alford talked about the benefits they are experiencing utilising character strengths. She stated that developing a character strength language for teaching and to manage behaviour had numerous advantages, including:

- Increasing inclusivity

- Increasing resilience - strengths are internal resources that can be cultivated

- Improving relationships - strengths encourage us to appreciate others

- Increasing motivation - strengths are what we value, so when we appeal to someones strength they are more motivated to change e.g. 'I saw how you were kind to the others when you waited for your turn in the game before. Do you think it is kind when you keep interrupting and don't allow others to listen?'

She stated that before we use strengths with problems we need to understand strengths. This can be done by: strength spotting, talking about under and overuse of strengths (utilising the Strength Continuum above), discussing stories of strengths in action and developing strengths.

Useful conversation starters are

"What does an overuse of gratitude look like?" False/insincere. "Overuse of kindness?" Taken advantage of. 

"What would I like look with no kindness?" 

Restorative Justice suggestion: "You have the character strengths of... Today was not your day. Let's talk about what we need to do to restore the relationship that has been challenged today. How do you think she felt when you said that? What can we do to make the relationship right again?"

Ms Alford describes character strengths as "24 ways to like a person".

The poster above is useful to use when discussing behaviours of concern. It is available to Strong Minds schools in our Members Portal.

Positive Education Day

Positive Education Day is a day to highlight awareness and understanding of Positive Education. It was developed by PESA - Positive Education Schools Association. This year’s theme was From Strength to Strength in Tough Times. Focusing on character strengths - your own, and the strengths of those around you, which have helped you get through a difficult year and support each other.

Which strengths have helped you? Which strengths have you noticed in others?



In celebration of NAIDOC week (8th-15th November, due to COVID) we are offering:

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World Kindness Day

The 13th of November was World Kindness Day. Research indicates that kindness enhances our wellbeing. In particular, performing acts of kindness can release the hormone oxytocin, which makes us feel good and decreases stress. Acts of kindness can also activate endorphins in areas of the brain associated with pleasure, social connections and trust. These feelings inspire further acts of kindness causing a ripple effect.

Which character strength will you use today to be kind? Humour - brighten someones day, curiosity - show an interest in others, gratitude - thank someone, bravery - stand up for a friend, social intelligence - include others, kindness to yourself - do a meditation, say helpful things to yourself?

Character Strengths in the new PDHPE Syllabus and The Wellbeing Framework

As you are no doubt aware a Strength Based Approach is one of the five propositions in the new PDHPE syllabus. Developing character is also required for students to connect, succeed and thrive, as mentioned repetitively in The Wellbeing Framework.

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  • Evidence based - positive psychology, counteracts our Negativity Bias. Focuses on the best in staff and students - their character strengths
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  • Supports the new PDHPE syllabus - fully scripted character strength lessons for K-6
  • Supports the Wellbeing Framework - allows all staff and students to connect, succeed and thrive
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