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He Said, She Said!

Namaste ji,

Welcome to Dohful's The Sunday Letter. We hope you all are doing good this wonderful Sunday evening. 

We absolutely love writing these letters to you guys and even if one of you replies back to our letters, it's like, it makes our day!

So continuing the tradition we're back again. But this time, with a twist. Because who doesn't like to spice things up?

On the topic of spicing things up, do you think we should do a cookie version of a Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate? I have been thinking about it for quite some time and I would love to get your Yay or Nay on the matter! 

Anyhoo, coming back to the topic of this Sunday Letter, we have decided to let someone else do the talking for a change. 

We have been a fan of these guys even before Dohful was started. We've been a follower to their Youtube channel since the time they had just 15k subscribers and today when they have 100K+, I am every time amazed at the quality of videos they make! 

Ronnie & Barty are a super fun and incredibly talented couple who have left their city lives and have moved to Manali for good.

Their videos show life in the Himalayas and every single one of them makes me wanna pack up and move to the mountains too! 

But all in good time right?

For now, I'm just happy to be featured in their latest video

I remember the first time I talked to these guys (especially Barty) was way back in 2018 when we were looking to get some feedback on the newly launched Dohful cookies. 

We ended up collaborating with them in one of their videos and we had an amazing time interacting with them and getting feedback from them.

Do check out the OG Dohful cookies video that they did - 

And just seeing both these videos back to back makes us realize how far we've come! You'll notice that the packaging has changed from then. 

We wanted to improve on the overall experience that you guys get from Dohful apart from just the amazing cookies. And we have tried to make that happen step by step. 

And your feedback has been very encouraging for us. A lot of you have appreciated the packaging and some of you have even said that you felt really special, receiving the new box of Dohful Cookies. So yes, mission definitely accomplished for us! 

Keeping it short and hope to delight you again and again in the future. Thanks for everything!

P.S.: There's a coupon code in the first it to get it! 

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