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The ERA Leaps Forward This Week!

Join Us in Tallahassee On Wednesday for a bipartisan Press Conference

We are all excited about Virginia becoming the 38th state to ratify the ERA! Here are the next steps! 

We expect the US House to bring to a floor vote with overwhelming support  HJ Resolution 79: Removal of the deadline for the ratification of the equal rights amendment

HJ Res 79

We will Celebrate this success this week and the next actions will be to target Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Scott to support S.J.Res 6

What about Trump's  DOJ memo stopping the the Archivist from writing in Virginia's vote and finalizing constitutional equality?

Three Democratic state attorneys general sued a U.S. government official, seeking to force him to recognize Virginia’s recent vote to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and adopt the measure in the Constitution.

Click Here to Read about the Supreme courts Constitutions General News United States Virginia Politics Courts U.S. News Lawsuits Constitutional amendments Laws Democratic AGs sue to force US to adopt ERA in Constitution

What About Florida?!!!

What About Florida?!!!

Your postcards have been Heard! Florida NOW and our partners have sent about 35,000 postcards to the Capital Leadership. We have also been making office visits in Tallahassee giving them: Equal Means Equal's 30 minute video, ERA one flyers, and 100's of buttons.

Please Join us for an Important Press Conference this Wednesday at 9:30am

It will be a bipartisan press conference about the #EqualRightsAmendment in the #FloridaCapitol.

The #ERA is not a #Democrat or #Republican thing, it's not a feminist or non-feminist thing, it's an #equality thing. All the ERA does is guarantee that #men and #women are treated #equally under the law (and if not, strict scrutiny applies for the legal scholars amongst us). Over 90% of ALL voters, regardless of political party agree--why can't our Florida Legislators?

#TeamDotie still advocating for #Florida to ratify the #ERAnow.

If you cannot join us in person, please contact your FL Representatives and Senators

Find Your FL House Rep Here

Find Your FL Senator Here

Keep up the fight! 

We Will Win!

Florida National Organization for Women

P.O. Box 1281, New Port Richey, FL 34656
FL 32903 United States

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