We are excited to announce that the 37th ICMART World Medical Acupuncture Congress (ICMART 2024) is scheduled to take place at Shinhwa World, Jeju, Korea, from September 27th to 29th, 2024. This event is especially significant as it marks the first time the congress is being hosted in Korea.

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Don't miss your chance to contribute to the field of medical acupuncture at ICMART 2024. This event offers a unique platform for the sharing of in-depth research and insights. We invite you to be a part of this experience by submitting your abstract now!

Visit the ICMART 2024 website at https://www.icmart2024.org to submit your abstract. The deadline is May 17, 2024.

Deadline for Abstract Submission :

By May 17, 2024

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Registration for ICMART 2024 Opens January 22nd

Mark your calendars! Registration for ICMART 2024 begins on January 22, 2024. You can register on the ICMART 2024 website at https://www.icmart2024.org.

Register now for ICMART 2024 to gain new insights and engage with experts from around the world!

Early Bird Registration by May 17, 2024

Welcome to Jeju: A Blend of Natural Beauty and Cultural Heritage

The venue for ICMART 2024 is on the beautiful island of Jeju in Korea. Jeju is perfect blend of breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. It’s not just the location for our congress; it’s an experience in itself. From its pristine landscapes to unique culinary delights, Jeju promises an array of delights for our participants.

To make the best of your visit, the ICMART 2024 Organizing Committee is meticulously planning a selection of tour programs that will showcase the best of Jeju. Come along on this memorable journey!

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