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Welcome to the 13th edition of the CX by Design Ideas newsletter, a monthly mailing by your hosts, Lis Hubert and Diana Sonis, with a focus on sharing human-centered ideas for business. Thank you for being here. We appreciate you. P.S. Was this email forwarded to you? You need your own!


Los Angeles, CA, Tuesday, October 6, 2020

September has been an eventful month. We published a couple of articles, participated in a well-attended webinar, landed a new client, and met some wonderful potential partners along the way. 

This month we published the 3rd installment in our series Establishing the Customer Experience to explore how you can steer your customers' perceptions towards your business in a positive way. The article contains a lot of great advice on easy-to-implement-today ways of establishing an internal CX practice.  

We also went back to our software user experience (UX) roots with an exploration of website navigation. It's something we take for granted, and yet it's probably the most important element of any digital property. What is Website Navigation? is part 1 of 3 in our series on how this vital element needs to align to customer intentions for your business. 

Finally, we led a free webinar on how to design your digital property around customer intentions. As designers, we often design for the "ideal" user experience. But, as we all know, reality can be quite different. The recording is free so have a listen!

We hope you enjoy these resources, and as always please reach out with any questions or ideas.

Stay healthy,

Diana Sonis,
Founding Partner

CX by Design Ideas
Establishing the Customer Experience: What Does it Mean For Your Business?

If a customer’s experience is equal to the perceptions they form as they are Doing, Thinking, and Feeling across an interaction, how can you influence those perceptions to be positive towards your business?

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What Is Website Navigation?

Website navigation is a ubiquitous concept today. Customers expect to find whatever they’re looking for through the links at the top of the “homepage” or in the “hamburger” menu. Frustration sets in quickly when those expectations aren't met, and they dial customer support.

But what is navigation? Is it for you- the business - to show what you got? Or is it for the customer to get something done?

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What we're paying attention to...
Community-Based, Human-Centered Design
Industrial Firms Need to Give Their Customers a Digital Experience
How can companies handle CX opportunities during COVID-19?
10 Reasons Why User Experience Is Sabotaged In Digital Banking
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Designing Complex Website Navigation

Navigation in complex websites and products is … well, complex. How do you help your users go from A to B to H when you’re putting an intricate product line online, or managing thousands of pages within a digital ecosystem? The answer lies in designing for customer intentions.

In this session, we discussed why designing for customer intentions throughout your digital ecosystem empowers your team to build a bridge between what customers need and what your business provides.

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We are researching how community banks are thinking about customer experience in the current environment. If you're a CX lead in a community bank (or if there is someone you can refer us to), please let us know via the button below.

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