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We Hard n' Dirty authors have planted Easter Eggs in each others books. There are three in mine. Do you think you spotted any?

Keep them in mind for later! They may come in handy. 



Another Hard n' Dirty book has been released! Filthy Fight by Alta Hensley is out now! 

I know better than to fall for the bad boy, a disgraced boxer, a man with demons.
I never mix business with pleasure.
My mind screams no, but my body demands.
I'm no match for him when he fights dirty.
His dark past comes back to haunt us, but the secrets and hidden intentions only pull me closer.
I should keep it clean, but I can't resist the
Filthy Fight.



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“Get your princess ass on the bike.”

Her expression goes from surprised to fiery. She tucks some stray hairs into the helmet and out of her face before slinging a long leg over the seat.

“We’re not done talking about this,” she shouts in my ear as I rev the engine again.

I grind my teeth. Not if I can help it.

I don’t reply. I can’t.

Her hands dive under my jacket and fist the front of my waistband as she pulls herself so tightly to me, I swear I feel the heat of her pussy against my ass.

Her breasts press my back as she molds to me, her grip tight on my waist like she was made to be there. Fucking hell.

“Have you ridden before?” I call over my shoulder.

“Yeah. But it’s been a while.”

I grunt, something hot and irrational burning my gut. The fact some other nameless faceless guy knows how she feels curled around him like this should not matter to me.

“Hold on,” I bite out and burn out of the driveway with a little more aggression than is wise, but I need to get away from that image. Away from her.

She clings to me tighter, as if she wants to crawl under my skin, but she’s already there.




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Next up is Hard Wood by Tara Crescent!

Cat Milnick’s Summer To-Do List

1. Get my new brewpub up and running.
2. Ignore the wickedly handsome Dom Wilde and his kinky furniture. 
3. No more carpenter puns. Screw and hammer. Tongue and groove. Nail gun.
4. Focus on the beer. 
5. Remember: If I fail, I’ll have to go back to working for my evil ex-boyfriend. 
6. Don’t get turned on when Dom calls me his little spitfire in his sexy, smoky growl.

And above all, don’t get too attached to his...ahem...‘hard wood.


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