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October 2019

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The Blackmail Club, by David Bishop  |  Audiobook

1,000+ ratings in Goodreads + Amazon with avg 4+stars

NEW AUDIOBOOK: 2019 Male Narrator of the year, Edoardo Ballerinin is the narrator of The Blackmail Club.  Edoardo has appeared in over 40 films/TV, including as Corky Caporale in The Sopranos. Click the cover to read more and obtain your copy of this excellently narrated audiobook. This popular novel is also available on Amazon in ebook and print editions.  

Washington, D.C., is a town full of powerful people hiding ugly secrets. The blackmailer, a renaissance man, keeps his promise: pay me, I'll return the juicy evidence I have against you, and you'll never hear from me again. Jack McCall, a former operative for the U.S. intelligence community and now a private investigator hunts this wily and diabolical madman. His victims, having paid and not been further extorted, are reticent to admit ever having been blackmailed. McCall's efforts to solve the case are assisted by Nora Burke, his sexy assistant who also helps Jack recover from the loss of his wife, and Max Logan, a retired detective of Irish-Scottish parentage. Chock full of colorful characters from the worlds of politics, art, and the media, The Blackmail Club is a cerebral, physical and sexy five-course gourmet meal of mystery. Sit back and fasten your seatbelt, relax, and be entertained while you try to fit together the final pieces before you turn the final pages.

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The Year We Had Murder, by David Bishop  |  FREE e-book.

Free for a short time. 150  total reviews (Amazon and Goodreads) with 4.5 average stars. 

The latest Matt Kile Mystery is a frisky, sometimes over-the-top, romp through Hollywood, a town with its own manner, imagery, and code of conduct. Matt finds himself smack dab in the middle of the craziness when he’s invited to a Hollywood party where nothing is as it seems. The party is at the home of a famous film producer, who’s married to the big screen’s current sex symbol. Matt takes his favorite date, Clarice Talmadge, to the gathering of silicone starlets and movie moguls.

This stylish murder mystery could be called an edgy cozy or a private detective story absent gratuitous violence. The one thing it isn’t is a predictable story of murder. One of the editors described it as a tongue-in-cheek slide into an unexpected conclusion. The Year We Had Murder is book seven in the Matt Kile Mystery Series.

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Game of Masks, by David Bishop |  FREE Sneak Preview for Newsletter Subscribers

Game of Masks, the next Jack McCall Mystery. Read chapter one for free. The full novel will be released approximately mid-November:  The previous Jack McCall mystery: The Blackmail Club has over 1,700 combined reviews at 4.2 avg. stars.

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What's Yours is Mine, by Renee Pawlish |  New Release $.99

Early rave reviews:  What's Yours is Mine, by Renee Pawlish, available at the introductory price of 99 cents, was published Sep. 28th 2019 and already has 21 reviews with 4.8 avg stars.

I am alone in rural Colorado, but I can't escape my past.

When Leah Gibson dies, and her husband and daughter disappear, I cannot run anymore.
Who murdered her, and why? What secrets did she hide?

As I search for a killer, my own secrets will be exposed, and I may lose all I have left.

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Scandalous Behavior, a Novelette by David Bishop  |  e-book $.99

35 combined ratings at 4.6 avg stars.

Written by fictional detective Matt Kile, in collaboration with his creator, master mystery writer David Bishop.This novelette tells the story of a regular, hardworking, salt-of-the-earth guy.

He pays his bills, loves his mother, and lives by the rules. Then he meets Mary and everything changes. Scandalous Behavior is a mystery and a story of American Drama. The second in the collaboration of Matt Kile and David Bishop.


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